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    Its a duo kill when you are two.. Not a solo kill, as your vid introduction says: "Aerowin and Cras solo Tyrande Whisperind"

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    Seeing some protpala soloed (all?) alliance leaders a while back I can only ask, your point? Im pretty sure almost any class could 2man him with holypala, infinite mana and just spam spam spam holy light, the faction leaders don't hit that hard.Or well maybe some clothies might have to use some bit more clever tactics but anyway.

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    ya know every faction leader ingame has been soloed right?....
    Oh hi

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nudi View Post
    Its a duo kill when you are two.. Not a solo kill, as your vid introduction says: "Aerowin and Cras solo Tyrande Whisperind"
    It's a typo get over yourself?

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    sweet clicking bro

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    Quote Originally Posted by weshallarise View Post
    sweet clicking bro
    1 click for Aspect of the viper, nice eye bro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingpug View Post
    1 click for Aspect of the viper, nice eye bro.
    You click alot more than AotV, its right there on the video you linked D:

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    Well I suggest any alliance who haven't killed the FL do so before Cataclysm hits. The reason is (I don't know about the alliance side), but for the Horde the main congregation area will be Orgrimmar - right in front of the new FL's entrance. You're going to have a tough time trying to get past most of the players there to get to him.

    Oh and this video is complete fail.
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    Mind deleting this thread
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    Quote Originally Posted by kingpug View Post
    Mind deleting this thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRabidDeer View Post
    That isnt really back in TBC, that was with the WotLK patch which pushed the faction leaders up to the new boss level of 83 instead of 73.
    uh right, thanks for correcting me
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    Quote Originally Posted by kingpug View Post
    It's a typo get over yourself?
    Don't be like that. Using the word "soloing" and "solo" stuff with a friend is used all the time in WoW nowadays, since it has progressed to be used for stuff like "didnt need a raid" or similar stuff and I am quite sure you did that.

    Thread backfired and you get alot of shit for it, stand up for yourself, you 2 manned a faction leader and was happy about it, people come here and give you shit. Don't take it up the butt.

    But it was pretty unsmart to try and lie-save your self from the clicking, why would you try to do that with a lie when the truth is in the video? The truth that you clicks alot more than an aspect spell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingpug View Post
    It's a typo get over yourself?
    No, typo would be, "Aerowin and Cras duoed Tyrande Whisperwind" or something similar. A typo is an unintentional spelling mistake, not using the wrong word.

    If you are going to put something out there and be high and mighty about it ("GG Alliance"?) you damn better be willing to accept it when people call you out about it.

    You are right though, this thread should be deleted. It never should have been made.
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    Just saying.
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    ....i always wonder how ANY facton leaders NEVER die..
    OT: Gz, hope you had a nice loo - ohh yea right

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingpug View Post
    Me and my holy friend Aerowin 2 manned Tyrande Whisperwind today. <-------Proof
    Hunter + Holy pally= Unstoppable
    We were jumped by a geared warrior, and a Boomkin
    GG alliance
    LOL I've soloed her,velen and varian with a properly geared druid tank

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    I thought fandral was FL for night elves?

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    How is it fail that alliance didn't protect their city? It's like saying that you need to spend time travelling to a place far away, to help something totally idiotic as a npc, in a city no one cares about, because of some people who thinks they're a firstkill 2 man-solo on a faction leader that has been soloed by one, instead of duo.

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    Stopped watching after I saw "Aerowin and Cras solo tyrande"
    Pretty sure you can't solo anything with 2 people
    Brb guys, Me and my raid are soloing LK tonight.

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    why is this here? its this OFF topic for god sake

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    First off, congrats on the kill.

    That being said, and not trying to be mean, but as a semi-casual Death Knight who has soled Sylvanas and Lor'Themar both while being attacked by other players, I don't think this belongs anywhere outside of your realm forum.

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