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    Thanks a lot for this list Boub! Got some reading for tomorrow

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    Hey boubs, you probs got more stuff going on now, but in case you didnt notice, new DLC comic is out, post it when you've got a mo

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    I hope its not this ptr build cause it's still full of bug's.

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    My scrolling finger hurts

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    SW8! a reason to log into Live again.

    Crap! a lot of things still aren't fixed.

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    Mega Post detected!

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    bigest wall ever? but its all good

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    Can't wait for lowbie enhancement!

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    YOu messed up at arcane missles talent, it willl fire its missles every .6 seconds rank 1 and .5 seconds rank 2

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    Thank you Boub! As always, we appreciate your hard work. <3

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    That has to be like the biggest post ever made here. Which is good, cause this way we can all destroy our eyes trying to read it all. Specsavers is going to love you
    Anyways, keep up the good work, as far as I can tell you did the druid section correct at least

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    Best post eva!, thanks Boub! I feel prepared for tomorrow now.

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    chinese wall of text
    yay I'll have a lot to do this week

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    List too short!

    Need more!

    No seriously, keep up the good job

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    Yay 24 slot bag for free

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    Your work on this extensive list is greatly appreciated.
    Will definitely save some time when searching the list for keywords.

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    So whats the deal with spell level changes.
    Example lava burst is like 32 or something in cata no?
    Is it this in this patch too (4.0.1) ?

    Or do we have to wait for cataclysm for that.

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    As a hunter I am SO EXCITED for this now!

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    The new patch drops and QQ begins.

    Ohhh the Jedi are gonna feel this.

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