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    4.0 freezing PC

    This is my first post, an sadly its not a very happy one. I've been currently trying to download the most recent patch for wow. Of'course I've never had problems with the background down loader before but in the past week it's been completely crashing my computer. Everything freezes, cant even move my mouse. I was wondering if there was any way around the BgDL, that wasnt an obscenely long down load time. Such as utorrent or Bittorrent.

    for the people who dont want to read all that.
    tl;dr version
    Downloader freezes my pc. torrent downloaders take to long. WHAT DO :P?

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    I would try deleting the background downloader exe then repairing the game and see what happens. Sig by Lilliputia! <3

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    You can get the patch from a mirror.

    Just google wow patch 4.0

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    I had tried the repair option earlier, but it had said "Unable to repair World of Warcraft. Please reinstall" so i kinda got discouraged with that haha.
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