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    New Tree of Life model - Now with 400% more Blizzard textures

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    What a face...

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    Making your GIF Avatar to 20kb is hard. Especially when the original is 504kb

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    2 many leaves and hes got a way 2 serious face for a tree - whos gonna hug him now? not me!

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    a tree with panties!!!!

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    Looks kinda ... meh ... too serious. And male. But seriously, I'm happy to see that the tree gets an update. Do you know how tall the new ToL is?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heldamon View Post
    a tree with panties!!!!
    Wooden Panties!

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    It better do the twist or ima not be playing my druid.

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    so you guys want them to be ...cute?
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    "Alright, now we'll go kill Arthas."
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    It looks really nice, I don't see what the fuss is about.

    When you get something silly, you complain that it's not epic.
    When you get something that's imposing, it's too serious.

    make up your fucking minds :P
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    Old one looks better imo.

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    Much better, although the face gives me the creeps...

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    Dont soddin like it -.-

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    I like it Did this form will apply today or on cata?

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    Looks really great. I like it.

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    i think its realy good actualy, i mean that one looks realy old a wise the way i think it should be
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doylez View Post
    Old one looks better imo.
    It looks 100% better than this, hell, I would even call the old tree form an updated model to this. I personally don't like it, and I'm glad I don't have to see resto druids in it all the time.

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    I'll miss how the old Tree of Life looked like it was in a constant state of panic while healing, running around with its arms flailing up in the air going "OH GOD, HOW DID I GET HERE? I AM NOT GOOD WITH INTERNETS!"

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    Awesome, we now look like 1 of the Jackson 5 "OH BABY GIVE ME ONE MORE CHANCE, SHOW ME THAT YOU LOVE ME"

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    Not huggable enough. But I'll get over it if theres a nice dance, ooh wait. It's a limited form. And so.
    You won't spend much time in it. Aaand.. The model doesn't matter as much anymore.

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