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    Need some help and info on the new patch

    i have downloaded the new patch and tryed to log in a dn i get frozen all the time.i tryed to repair but the repair tool tells me to reinstal cause it cant axcess some files.
    i will have to reinstal the game from the begining cause the same thing happened when i first instaled beta and reinstaling it was the only thing that fixed it
    now the thing i wanted to ask is , i noticed the patches name is x.x.x.x-
    does this mean i can just instal from the WoTLK DVD then imediately aplly this patch or instal WotLK DVD then install all the patch i have backed up till 3.3.5 and then instal the 4.0.1 patch?

    im asking cause if i could do the first option it would be way faster


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    Make sure you have full permissions on the WoW folder.
    Also, this belongs in computer, not interface. Moving.
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