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    Holy Paladin PvP, Spec, Gems etc

    So today patch 4.0.1 hitted the life server on the EU realms.

    Let's talk abit about Holy Paladin PvP.

    Since Spell Power is removed you can't gem it anymore (ofc), so what will we go then? I prefer some Haste so I will go for Intel + Haste gems.
    Tho full Intel is also pretty usefull I think.. I didn't try it out yet. Since spirit is now on most of the Plate healing gear, is it also usefull to gem! Tho.. I prefer more intel Maybe your more a "long" fight type and you go with spirit.

    I created abit aggressive Holy Spec, so I picked up some talents in DPS things.

    Follow the link below to check the spec I made!
    (It's not the best I'm still making changes to make it better and better, please leave your idea of the new holy spec!)

    Oke this was it for now. Everything that's here is created out of what I prefer so maybe it's not the best.
    Tho leave what you think/prefer Share your ideas

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    Edit: I added a new spec included Glyphs.
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