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    Video Card Upgrade

    Here is my computer-it is running better now. I have some funds to upgrade the video card. I am currently using a GTX-9600 (using a PCI Express slot).

    I'm thinking about upgrading to:

    1st choice - GeForce GTX 470 $300.00 - 350.00(not sure if this is overkill for my processor)

    2nd choice - GeForce GTX 465 $165.00

    3rd choice - GeForce GTX 460 $159.00 - 200.00

    Power Supply is 550 Watt

    CPU and Memory

    HP a6300F model of cpu

    Processor Class: Pentium Dual Core
    Processor Speed: 2 GHz
    Processor Number: E2180
    Installed Memory: 4 GB
    Bus Speed: 800 MHz
    Cache Size: 1 MB
    Memory Technology: DDR2 SDRAM
    Maximum Memory: 4 GB
    Number of Installed Processors: 1
    Maximum Number of Processors: 1
    System Chipset: NVIDIA GeForce GTX9600

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    To be honest, you'd get a bigger upgrade by getting a new CPU. All of those graphics cards are overkill when comparing it to your CPU.
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    Thank you, I was thinking the same myself, but wanted someone with more knowledge than myself to say that.

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    get a msi 460 hawk.
    and overclock that card with bit luck it will even perform on par with gtx 480.
    and its defiantly better then a 470 even on stock probaly.


    like others say'd upgrade your cpu.

    i would look into getting i5 in that case cant go wrong.

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    just buy a whole new computer, that computer isnt worth upgrading, all the parts are far-outdated to perform well with new hardware in the mix
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