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    Imba Dc's...

    Everytime I smack somecunt I get freakin Dc;d and its doing my head in >..
    Anyone know what the fuck s going wrong or if anyone is gettin the same/know how to fix it... realy realy anoying.
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    I just get dc'd sometimes when I hearth back to Dal. But not any other time.
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    Awesome information you included with your post. I know exactly what problem you're talking about and exactly what to do to fix it......

    Oh wait, that's right. You included no information (scenario, error messages, computer specs, ISP, networking specs, etc). If you want help, post information. If you want to whine, go somewhere else.

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    Im guessing it is to do with Bg's ? Arena? well They're pretty much screwed AFAIK! Normal issue with new (major)patches, everything breaks down until 40 Server restarts and 20 shut downs have passed!

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