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    disable new blizzard raid frames

    i can't find the option to disable it completely.
    u know where i can do it ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zupf View Post
    i can't find the option to disable it completely.
    u know where i can do it ?
    When the Raid frames are active, click the Yellow Arrow on the mid-left side of the screen.

    The flyout panel slides out (May go under any custom party frames you have).. If you click "HIDE" (or disable forgot the button) it turns off all the raid frames.

    The flyout panel still shows even minimized, not sure of how to turn that off..

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    to get rid of rid completely....

    /run CompactRaidFrameManager:UnregisterAllEvents() CompactRaidFrameManager:Hide() CompactRaidFrameContainer:UnregisterAllEvents() CompactRaidFrameContainer:Hide()

    you have to type that every time though, even between switching alts and stuff :-/
    i stuck it in a macro that i copy/paste every time

    The macro window itself is too small, it broke the string appart and didnt work, but a guildy said throwing in a few /run 's made it work as a macro

    /run CompactRaidFrameManager:UnregisterAllEvents()
    /run CompactRaidFrameManager:Hide()
    /run CompactRaidFrameContainer:UnregisterAllEvents()
    /run CompactRaidFrameContainer:Hide()

    I guess like that maybe? have to try it

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    god i cant wait for grid to work again. thing is so god damned huge even at smallest settings. there a way to make it even smaller with console commands?

    if grid has started working since wednesday that is news to me btw.
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    Grid is working again, but due to the releases being flagged understandably as alpha versions they are not appearing on curse and nor would they by default appear in the updater.

    If installing manually - Grid @ wowace.
    If using the curse client, right click on Grid - Preferred Release Type - Alpha.

    There is a global setting for that also, but for most addons, getting an alpha version is not recommended.

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    Nice one, i couldn't get a working versino of grid last night.

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    is it possible to get your group members status back on the screen instead of the raid frame you know, like before the crappy raid frame? I feel lonely :'(

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