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    Downloading patch 4.0.1

    Hi I'm really upset, desperate , and frustarated when the patch applied this week I downloaded it after reinstall WoW because I had errors and

    couldn't apply the patch. After that the launcher 4.0.1 started to download the patch with 3 stages the setup, available, and playable it has 7 GB

    so I waited for the download for very long time. Finally done with the green part which is playable I was happy thinking I'm ready to play. played

    the game and everything is fine. However, when I restarted my pc and clicked to the launcher to play WoW...the download of the patch reseted.. back

    at stage 1 the red color setup as if I didn't download it at all... it has 7 GB again... I did everything like reinstall the game apply tha patches

    again but have the same issues 3 times already I'm really upset.. please need your help I'm using windows vista..

    The strange part about my problem is I have no problem downloading the patch but when i completly download it and ready to play its's fine but

    whenever i shut down or restart the download just reset... tried repairing tool and everyhing nothings happen please help me..

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    You sure your pc doesn't have a reborn card or w/e? What happens if you install something else? It does stick? Prolly best of removing WoW completely with Revo Uninstaller (google that) --> restart --> Install WoW/TBC/WOTLK with CDs --> patch to 3.3.x with Blizzard launcher/updater --> from 3.3.x download Parts 1-4 — Full (~4.9-5.3 GiB) @ http://www.wowwiki.com/Patch_mirrors (save it), and then try installing with that.
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