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    25 and 10 man raid share same raid ID?

    so I just heard that ICC 10 and ICC 25 share the same raid ID, so does that mean that if I go to ICC 10 and kill deathbringer saurfang, I cant kill him on 25 man?

    if yes... wtf....how fucking gay is that?

    I do not see any logic behind this, because they drop different loot, I do get it that in cata, when 10 and 25 share the same loot its understandable, but now, wtf

    this is...ofc...if it true, so here's some questions that I need some answers:

    1) is it true that they share the same raid ID?
    (no need to naswer the rest if its not true)
    2) does it work in a way I explained it
    3) what is the logic behind it, blizzard doesnt want us to play enough and get new gear?
    4) u liek choklit milk?

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    1. no
    2. only heroic saves you, normal modes is all by boss still
    3. whatever you get will be replaced by 83
    4. dont bump your own posts. there are a zillion posts out there with this question, but i take it you like to be spoon-fed everything which is why you cant spell like or chocolate correctly and why you're crying about this change in the first place.
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    Just encountered the same problem, I did ICC10 Heroic up to Sindra last night, now when I pugged ICC25 Normal I couldnt enter since my ICC10 Heroic shared ID with ICC25 Normal.

    Quite anoying!

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    may i invite you to join all the other whiney bitches who cry about EVERYTHING?
    you can't kill the same boss twice in a week now. HOWEVER you can now join a new group for later bosses if you fail on, say, 4/12. it's just a change that people need to adapt to, it's hardly a justification for calling it 'fucking gay'

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    This was announced how long ago? And people still seem surprised by it?

    Essentially, you no longer lock yourself to either 10 or 25, but rather to specific bosses. So you can kill each boss once per week, regardless of difficulty.

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    Really ?

    this information was released on the front page of this site about 4 weeks ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Droeslol View Post
    Really ?

    this information was released on the front page of this site about 4 weeks ago.
    Even when you don't think it would be possible to whine about something any more, somebody does it.

    It's amazing, really.

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    Even when you don't think it would be possible to whine about something any more, somebody does it.
    word lol
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    I'll never understand the people that come to this site just to whine about shit on the forums, this information was on the main page several times over the past 2 weeks, yet people just herp derp click "forums" and whine.

    Yes, as said before you can only do each boss once per week now, but you can vary that however you like. Do the first 4 on 25, knock out plague wing and VDW on 10, come back to another group for Blood wing and Sindra on 25 then finish off LK in 10man. Just don't toy with heroic setting, or you'll get locked and can not do heroic in the other version.
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