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    I always have slow download speeds for patches...any suggestions?

    Ok, so whenever there is a new patch/expansion I used the Blizzard downloader to sort the business. MY problem is this..

    I will use this patch for an example...

    Patch starts to download, zooms through 3.2 Gb in about 10 - 15 mins, I was dead impressed.....Until it hit 3.29 Gb, its slowed RIGHT dwn to about 10 kb/s. Now I had a feeling it was a connection overlaod, so I left it a while. It then started to range between 9kb/s to 25 ish kb/s. Now this to me is VERY slow, but I dont understand why.... I left it on since about 10AM this morning, went to work, now 12 hours later im only at 81%, still only hitting about 10 - 25 kb/s.

    Now I understand it's done by downloads from other and whatnot, however I dont understand out of the millions of people using the patch, how its so slow or how its struggling to find download IP's. I also don't understand how everyone else has downloaded it a lot faster than myself.

    My ISP is Virgin, and its a broadban up to 10mb/s connection. I dont think its down to excessive usage policies, as I was the only one using the net this morning....and all day. I have also opene all the ports that Blizzard suggest to open in order to boost the downloads.

    Any suggestions?

    Sorry for the wall of text,


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    Can be caused by loads of stuff.. Does it also do it when you disable P2P in the downloader's settings?
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    I had almost the same problem, it wouldn't get over 60 kb/s.. then I disabled peer to peer... it took about 20 minutes for the download to start from Blizzard's own server, but when it finally did the speed was blazing. Turned a 12 hour download into a 75 minute download.

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