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    I'm glad they nerfed pally's. Their high burst single target heals and awesome aoe heals and lightning fast haste was too much for the other healing classes. They needed to lose that 27% haste for their most used bomb heal.

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    they boost every class, they made DK 's do lots of dps but tanking threat they aaargh,,,,

    Icy touch was good to begin threat with now u got nothing cause its downed from an avarege of 20k tps a Cast to 6k threat each cast. Now u need to keep ur tps at 35k using runestrike but it works when u dodge or parry. Cant do that many on some bosses and i got 28%dodge with new talents spec. SO bring back my Icy touch to start building threat 9%stam i like 60k + unbuffed hp


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    I can almost guarantee the movement speed in speed of light wont be there for long, or will be lowered so drastically that its not even useful anymore.

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