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    Best CPU speed for WoW?

    I'm just wondering i see alot of sigs which folks have their CPU Over-Clocked around 3.8-4Ghz,

    Is that the minimum of how fast your CPU must be for WoW to handle at least a 25man (Maarrowgar for example).

    Specs i'm looking at for my own Pc Soon(Tm) involves of :

    1600 Mhz Ram.
    I5 760 (Stock-Clock).
    800 Watts PSU.
    Radeon 5770. (Possibly 6XXX series as i may want to play other games than wow).

    Thanks for any help!
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    Around 3.8GHz is just the maximum what i5-760 safely runs on average with regular cooler you can buy off from any computer store, there's no bigger magic to it.

    Every 1% gained in raw CPU speed with overclocking will be 1% gain to minimum FPS while raiding. Note that minimum FPS is not the same as average or maximum.
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    I see! And if i'm to OC my Cpu would 1600 Mhz make a difference over 1300Mhz ram? I'm guessing thats to do with FPS also?

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    Nvm, Just found a review and answered my question above

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