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    Need Help! Desperate Need!

    OK, i just turned on my computer (im on my laptop)every thing is normal i go to get a drink and its in sleep mode. I try to hit a key wont wake up move the mouse nope stil lwont i turned it off at the button and back on SLEEP MODE i turned it off at the wall and back on SLEEP MODE still wont FKN wake up! Mind You it isnt a old ccomputer and its a VISTA XPS 420 and this is the first time its ever happened to me, and when i downloaded the 4.0.1 patch i put sleep mode to NEVER occur, i have done everything i can possibly do, IT WONT WAKE UP! i turn it off and on it doesnt make a noice or any thing all it says is (on the monitor) Entering Power Save Mode I.E Sleep Mode and the button to turn it on just flahses orange. HELP ME PLEASE!

    Thanks in Advance
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    Unplug the computer from the wall. Take the battery out of the laptop. HOld down the power button for 7.45 seconds, just make sure the computer is unplugged from the wall and the battery is out. Hopefully this will work out, if not then i'm 100% sure someone else on this forum will solve it for you. Good Luck.

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    7.45 seconds? Ace

    But aye press it a few times and then get the battery back in. if it loops afterwards, insert the vista cd --> boot from cd --> press repair windows and follow the instructions.
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