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    Computer problem

    Hai ever since I downloaded and installed the patch i have to start the game via the "run as Administrator" also I went from 50 FPS to 9 with lagg hacks all the time durning encounter.

    World of warcraft is up at 70% CPU <.<

    Anyone who know a sulotion?

    sorry for bad english.

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    Tried updating GPU (graphics card) drivers?
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    yes I have, Still same results. even now in heroics I get lagg hacks all the time.

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    Hmm, how many percent of your RAM memory is being used while playing WoW? What happens with all addons disabled?
    Kami - Guild Wars 2 Elementalist - Desolation EU
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    Some info would be nice. Did you move your installation directory? What are your computer specs? What in-game settings are you using and have you tried tweaking down shadows, anti-aliasing and liquid details? Tried disabling addons?

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    Oh yeah Iam Sorry, HEre comes my comp info just copping whats says on my comp system.

    Amd Phenom(tm)8650 Tripple-core Processor 231. GHz

    4Gb Ram
    64 Bit system,
    Asus ATI EAH5770 512m GDDr5 Graphic Card full Direx 11 Support.

    yes I have tried everything you have posted, What I do atm is trying to reinstall the game for the secound time, So cant see how much RAM is used.

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