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    I haven't been a fan of any set since T6, but I must say that DK set looks pretty sweet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Razia View Post
    Don't tell me they are STILL keeping the stupid Rusted/Ironbound drakes, along with the ICC ones (I forget the names). Unless I missed it in another post, these need to be removed.
    If they are stupid why do you care? And yes, you missed the post as well as the dozens of comments on that post.

    Edit: Seeing yet another set with three different color themes reflecting the different specs of the class, my hopes are still high that the color changes according to how you're specced.
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    wow that armor is kind of a 180 from just the helmet.

    Fucking still not recoloring shoulder glows though. so fucking dumb. :| YEAH BLUE AND ORANGE LOOKIN GOOD..

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    The textures don't seem to align right on the boots. Looking at it I think its supposed to use the same skeleton as the one the warriors use.

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    Think it should be named Death-Wing-Knight.

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    A commercial that works the other way around, one that will make mote people watch a match. Interesting.

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    For some reason the helm reminds me of the joker.

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    hands down the dk set is the best!I also noticed how cool the head is,a lot of details and perfectly matching the dk lore...oh and the colors match really good the trees you choose to play!

    gr8 job blizz,

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    Got the tiger yday after over 2 years of farming it 80% of all resets So just goahead and remove ZG cuz i dont need it anymore HAH!

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    Oh yeah! My DK is going to look awesome.

    We most likely have at least a month or so of farming for the ZG mounts. Haven't had any luck since WoTLK launched on my DK. Saw the raptor drop once waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in vanilla. Damn my luck.

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    The DK tier 11 looks like the guy from Burger King...
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    Seriously, some tiers are just amazing. I just have no words.
    And then what do we druids get? Bah.
    I also hate when they unload such stupid helms to some tiers (even the priest has a nice helm after all, at least it's not that reused stupid cap!)

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    wow the death knight set looks AWESOME!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wafflebeard View Post
    The DK tier 11 looks like the buy from Burger King...
    Very well spotted lol.

    Crown and Smile does it for me.

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    Anyone more than me who gets Violator-vibes from the DK T11-set? Violator from the Spawn comics that is...?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tenasil View Post
    Anyone more than me who gets Violator-vibes from the DK T11-set? Violator from the Spawn comics that is...?
    It resembles a Balrog, a being of shadow and flame from the depths of Middle Earth.

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    What's with the crown on the DK set? looks corny

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    Good looking set... ooh and Arthas called and said he wants the blue one in size 52 :-p

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    150 Mandokir Kills, NO RAPTOR.
    130 Thekal Kills, 1 TIGER DROPPED. Ninja'd.

    Fuck this game.

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    Deleted due to dubble-post, laggy forums today?

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