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    Why does DK always get the coolest looking gear?

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    I had just one thing to say when I saw the news post: holy crap. I wish a. I could raid; and b. my DK was my main. That is one nice tier set. >.<

    It's a good thing we are getting a heap more mounts in Cataclysm. Just too bad that those people who tried their luck and never got the tiger or raptor will probably never get them. I've tried for them a little, but nothing compared to the hardcore tiger and raptor farmers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keristrasza View Post
    Cool Mount does not mean 2 or 3 people have it and ONLY them. :/ No mount should EVER be removed from game (if only to irritate people who think they are gods and special snowflakes) but seriously. No one is going to care about them once they get the next awesome mount down the road.

    It will sit in their tab collecting dust and NEVER used. Do you ever SEE A battle tank? (Dumbest mount in game imo since only ONE person had it) people don't need recognition in a game. They need that in REAL life where it might actually you know MATTER for something. >>
    Er, you have literally 100+ other mounts for that purpose.

    Why do you want stuff like Incvincible and Mimiron's Head? Oh yea, BECAUSE THEY'RE RARE AND HARD TO GET.

    If they gave them out to everyone that wanted them, no one would want them anymore and they'd collect dust in the mount tab.

    Starry Horse anyone?


    Removing certain mounts and items is a GOOD thing. There are TONS of other non-removed items and mounts to keep you busy vs. the few that were actually removed.
    Originally Posted by Ghostcrawler (Blue Tracker)
    We don't think burst is a problem in PvP right now.

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    My expression when I saw the helm: Cool!

    When I see the whole set: OMFG Ultranerdjizzgasmic exploding cataclysm!

    On serious note it seriously is the best tier model so far that represents the theme of the expansion(Such it mages, not that much badass anymore)

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    I think the creator of dk tier was watching Bleach anime

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    Quote Originally Posted by freak8boy8 View Post
    It resembles a Balrog, a being of shadow and flame from the depths of Middle Earth.

    Or Snaggletooth. ...probably more the Balrog as it's more current and well-known, but still. I'm pretending it's Snaggletooth.

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    the DK set does look nice!

    i'm more annoyed at the fact that they've removed my murloc "lurky" from new characters created in 4.0.1!

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    Dk set looks nice, i still think Priest is the best one so far.
    Hmm we should have a "whats the most ugly tier contest " but rouges will win again i guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phai View Post
    150 Mandokir Kills, NO RAPTOR.
    130 Thekal Kills, 1 TIGER DROPPED. Ninja'd.

    Fuck this game.
    Welcome to chance, you deal with it everyday of your life in all aspects of it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Keristrasza View Post

    It will sit in their tab collecting dust and NEVER used. Do you ever SEE A battle tank? (Dumbest mount in game imo since only ONE person had it) people don't need recognition in a game. They need that in REAL life where it might actually you know MATTER for something. >>
    Yes I see battle tank on a few servers, also don't think its dumb in the least I think its a good idea......a lot like other MMOs where once a "boss" is killed by someone its gone for good.

    Also what "matters" is fully subjective.

    On a different not.

    I really wish they just remove the ability to get polymorph turtle besides the tomes that haven't been used when ZG is removed.

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    Still mage set is the best by far!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lios View Post
    So, about the only interesting thing at Blizzcon, the first look at Cataclysm's cinematic, is being aired before Blizzcon. Why the hell am I going?
    Two words: Diablo III

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    That DK gear is the coolest set I have seen to date.

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    Im gonna level my dk to 85, just for this set...but not show the helm.

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    Noes, means I have to ass myself to go zg now. Since I can´t trust the one I used to do it with to go / be online anymore.

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    DK T11 is uber looking, I'm so happy about my main char.
    I just wish that the yellow/red/black combo is gonna be the heroic T11 version

    As for mounts, they announced is much, much earlier that ZG is going away in Cata so I don't know why are ppl complaining?
    Most of us knew that mounts are going as well.
    Who had luck to get them meanwhile, gz
    Who hadn't - there will be more uber cool mounts to get.

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    I'm starting to wonder if all the tier sets will automatically change colour to whatever tree your using at the time. Exceptions being Tank type gear. Blood DK = red/orange gear, frost spec = blue? Unholy = Green?. I think Mage gear could almost match up with trees to can't it? I don't have the screenies handy, but will track them down...

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    Here are some more recent changes:

    Shadow Priests – we lowered the damage of Shadow Word: Death, except when the target is at the 20% wounded state, at which point it will do full damage. We also fixed a bug where the energize from Masochism was causing too much threat. (This is just a clarification on the above note -- we have not nerfed it twice.)

    Balance Druids – we lowered the base points and coefficients of several Balance spells, especially Insect Swarm.

    Affliction Warlocks – we lowered the damage of Drain Soul slightly.


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    LOL the DK's look like clowns

    you think they'd tone down the colours, it looks like the set is designed for trolls

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