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    After seeing the hunter and pally today, i like this set honestly

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    DK set is possibly on par with warlock T5 and Paladin T2. Very nice looking set.

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    So from the looks of the Tier 11 DK set, My guess is 1 set. It scales on your spec and by spec it changes color?

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    DK T11 = Hell to the King Baby

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    Quote Originally Posted by Razia View Post
    Don't tell me they are STILL keeping the stupid Rusted/Ironbound drakes, along with the ICC ones (I forget the names). Unless I missed it in another post, these need to be removed.
    Blizz's current stance is that they don't care if people go back to earn the older mounts. The Ulduar drakes have been trivialized for awhile

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    Why even remove Reins of the Blue Drake, it's not even that cool anyway? They should remove Reins for the Blue Proto-drake, since proto-drakes look a bit more hardcore that normal drakes lol..

    Anyway, the T11 DK set is the coolest of all the DK sets so far. All the other T11 sets is some crap tbh, I mean, why does priests need a pool of water on each shoulder? Come on blizzard! 0o

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