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    New Speakers, Ventrilo Issue

    Hey guys,
    Today, i got a nice new 5.1 Surround Sound speaker setup with speakers that aren't actually at ground level (essentially, it's a home cinema system that i've hooked up to the PC through phono>3.5mm adapters).

    I've gone about setting it up, very little issue doing so, except for one very frustrating part. While all other sounds are normal and working as intended, i'm having a problem hearing people speak over ventrilo. Now, if i set my inbound to 0, they're way too quiet. However, if i set it up higher, the higher i go, the more saturated it gets, but the volume doesn't actually increase. If i set it lower, same issue. I'm struggling to actually hear anyone clearly, and regardless of if i can or can't, it's still way too quiet. TTS and Wave sounds are about right, if not a little too loud. Some are so loud they almost saturate the speaker.

    The SW has 3 modes; AC3, USB/SD (card slots on the side), and AUX. It can also run in 2.1 or 5.1 mode. Now, in order to hear any sound at all, it needs to be in AC3 mode. I'll assume this is to do with the processing it does between input and output at the sub.

    Now, i've got my old logitech 5.1 USB headphones hooked up. I can hear ventrilo fine through those, but as you can imagine, it's difficult to hear the music that's playing through the speakers with them on. However, ventrilo is clear through the headphones, as is music if i change the output in Winamp. The speakers though, they only seem to manage music, and struggle with voice.

    I've changed the volume directx SFX and it makes absolutely no difference. I've changed the compressor settings (used for equalising volume of everyone) and tried a number of settings and nothing changes.

    I'm struggling to see what the issue is. I can only think it's a speaker or processing issue, but i can't figure out what exactly it is. Anyone help me out here?

    Sending them back isn't an option as i really do like the speakers being tower units rather than small ones that you trip over and cripple yourself on even though they're at ground level so you can't hear them. I just need some help getting this ventrilo issue worked out.

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    Err.... Explain again please how you hooked the speakers into PC. Soundcard or some USB thingy? With analog 3.5mm (headphone plugs) x3, or using single fiber optic or digital RF cable?
    Never going to log into this garbage forum again as long as calling obvious troll obvious troll is the easiest way to get banned.
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    From the Sub to the PC: It's going from 2 channel phono (3 pairs - 6 channels total), through 3x phono-3.5mm adapters, connected to onboard audio. Essentially, the adapter connects it as a 5.1 system in the same manner as my previous 5.1 system.

    The speakers connect to the sub with the small "hold switches" that you hold open, feed the wire in, and then release to hold it in place and form the connection.

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