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    What is Installer Tome???

    I have just downloaded af ZIP of the new patch since the Blizz downloader was too slow.

    Now it tells me something about a Installer Tome Whihc i have no ideaer what is.
    Can anyone help, even might know a guide for using it?


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    It sounds kinda account theft-tastic...

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    I have read something on about its something on the instal cd´s but since i dont have my cd´s where i am, i need to find out if i can do it in some other fine way

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    You really downloaded a .zip regarding WoW? I have no sympathy for anything bad that happens to you.

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    Not all zips are evil you know ... installer tome is indeed the term used by Blizzard for applying patches, did it myself in the past when the launcher wasn't working ... I ofc don't know the content of your zip but id say, extract it to your wow directory (either the root or the updates folder depending on the format used) and run the "updater" exe file that is located in your wow directory.. if it's all correct it should startapplying the update automatically.... again the location of where the files need to be depends on the format of the files in your zip... it seems you downloaded a manual install patch instead of a auto extractor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gravlax View Post
    It sounds kinda account theft-tastic...
    Or you could've known thats how blizzard ships WoW. Installer Tomes with .mpq or something extensions.

    You should normally have an .exe file and a few of these Installer Tomes, and it's piece of cake afterwards - however I would recomend you scan them just in case (if you are not sure of the origin of the files).

    Edit: Or do as Mediansoft suggested, if it is indeed a manual install patch.
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