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    Cataclysm - Beta Build 13195, Hunter and Paladin Tier 11

    Cataclysm - Beta Build 13195
    A new build will most likely be deployed on beta realms tonight to fix the funny bugs introduced with the latest ones.

    Tier 11 Models - Paladin and Hunter



    Achievements Changes
    I started with the tier 11 models, give me a few minutes!

    Spell Changes
    I just asked you to give me a few minutes!

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    No pants model?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Secret81 View Post
    first ?
    You know what can you get for that

    Quote Originally Posted by Lich King
    "You speak of justice? Of cowardice? I will show you the justice of the grave... and the true meaning of fear."

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    Sucks to be a hunter.

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    Hunter Tier = Murloc halloween costume gone bad.

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    Sigh, Whats up with the Fishy Hunter Tier? Guess I am gonna hide the helm again...

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    Sucks to be a Hunter or Paladin. xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nomm View Post
    Sucks to be a hunter.
    ??? They get an awesome murloc helmet.

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    Hunter gear is ok, and Paladin gear...brb... *puke*

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    omg im a hunter...and sadly.. i love it <3!!!

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    The Hunter one is actually quite nice. However, the Paladin one looks like shit.

    Glad I'm a Mage ^^

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    Finally my paladin will not be wearing a robe.

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    Hunter set: At first I was like "awww" then I was like "Nice."

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    meh I guess I can live with the pally t11 but theres something about the helm I don't like.

    edit: oh and hunter looks pretty good ( not to keen on the green though)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sym View Post
    The Hunter one is actually quite nice. However, the Paladin one looks like shit.

    Glad I'm a Mage ^^
    Will probably look a lot better with the effect he couldn't render.

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    Bloodsail Admiral roboscorcher's Avatar
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    When were Murlocs playable?

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    omg the hunter set, i actually lol'd

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    Looks like the hunter...
    *puts on sunglasses*
    found something fishy.

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    Loving my hunter set. I think human model makes it look shitty. It will look amazing on Goblins.

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