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    I actually like the black and red paladin set..doesn't look so good in the other colors though. The hunter set is ok but not the green yuck..and I do agree that the human models make the gear look shitty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowdream View Post
    The only nice tier is the mage one, and it should've gone to warlocks.

    Thank god I changing main from my paladin

    Ya it looked more warlock to me too..hehe

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    well i like the armour they look class but everyone is entitled to there opinion =) but the only thing im annoyed about is how they nerfed the hunters way 2 much now they can hardly do damage and warriors have the hardest time aggro holding cos they just so happened to have nerfed them aswell why there nerfing these characters il never now cos the only ones i see that shold have got nerfed is the pallys and warlocks but the way they done it this time i dont think blizz used there brains enough on this one =(. all it seems to me is they slapped it all together said " that will do guys we dont really care what others think as long as it gets more customers were happy" well think again blizz you will lose more than you gain

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    Angry Blizz


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    Quote Originally Posted by Vasz View Post
    I'm sorry, but Blizz needs a new art department. I think all but Mage and DK look boring and look like they are just slightly edited version of other armour.

    Tier 2 is without question the best sets they have ever done. With only a few exception from T5 and T6 - mainly the Warlock and warrior sets. Everything else just seems really bland and boring.
    Then why do you continue to play the game?

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    Thank god they made it so we can still get 310% from "What a long, strange trip it's been". Saves me 36-45,000g for my alts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mtawney1313 View Post
    Then why do you continue to play the game?
    Friends. Isn't that why most people play WoW?

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    Is that all of the sets data mined then?

    It would be nice to get a compilation post of all the sets (on each race class combo if possible).

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    Paladin...very cool, will look better with the lighting effect, but Paladins will cry rivers because it's beauty doesn't blind you.


    Worst. Set. Ever.

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    Before the hot-fix, my disc priest's PW:Shields could absorb 11.2k, now it's at 8.6k... Anyone else notice this?
    Am still getting used to smite healing tries though lolz

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    •Shadow Word: Death base damage has been reduced by 75%.

    and now they have also made an internal cd on the glyph so that u cant spam it anymore, basicly they have taken away a spell from the shadow priests spellbook since it dont even crit more then a avarage Mind flay crit tick and since mind flay also reducing cd on shadowfiend it is totally useless to use shadow word death even when the target is below 25%.

    but for other classes for example warriors its fine to crit 35k+ with execute and they can spam that one...

    there is a number of ways to work around the problem where the shadow priest killed themselves for example make the glyph so that it maybe 3 seconds cooldown if shadow word death did not kill the target below 25% and maybe even be able to spec reduced backlash damage 3 seconds would have been more then enough for healers to heal 6-7k dmg maybe u could even heal that on ur own, this would have made shadow priests alot more competative in the top dps without just increasing numbers...

    blizzard have to learn to change the mechanics of things not just the base % of spell dmg and what not..

    thats my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarksunG View Post
    Are you serious? he looks like he fell into a pile of garbage, popped his head up and said "Nah, that's ok, i'll just wear this" It's a failure on every level.
    I totally agree. For some of us Hunter is our main not a joke! we worked years on that character its lore. And now we will be forced to wander around like clowns? No way! Maybe i should consider some vacations (from game) and come back at T12 or something.

    PS as it wasn’t ridiculous enough they put f.... eggs on shoulders? Mercy!

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    Have these changes gone live yet? I haven't seen my warrior reflect these changes yet.

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