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    On the 13th of October, 2010, One of our members took it up on himself to make a faction. After some discussion on our IRC Channel, the community has found a good template and requirements for making factions of your own. Please note that the requirements are there mainly so that we have original and unique factions for our users to join. We do not wish to have fifteen Scarlet Crusades and have roleplayers confused on which one they wish one of their characters to join.

    Factions, as they are generally much more complex and challenging to write than a character, can only be made by people who have proven themselves as competent roleplayers, or people with at least one or two original, creative, and most importantly, detailed characters. If you don’t know for sure if you are considered a competent roleplayer or if your characters are up to snuff, join our IRC channel, or PM a moderator, to ask. If you are new and you want to make a faction, write it up completely, and send it to a moderator via PM. They can tell you whether it should be okay.

    When you make a faction, please be unique, in comparison to factions in the Warcraft universe, as well as here on the forums. There cannot be more than one “Scarlet Crusade” faction, for example. If you want to know whether your idea is acceptable or not, send a PM to a moderator. Characters cannot be in more than one faction. However, if you are, say, a Blood Knight who has forsaken his brothers to join an Old God cult, that is okay because you have left the Blood Knights to join a different faction. Also, try not to make too many factions... Variety is nice, but too many choices can be bad too

    If you wish for your character to join a faction, send a PM to the faction’s owner or post in the faction's thread. Faction owners can do whatever they want to decide whether you can join, either from just saying “sure”, to a roleplay where your character finds and joins the faction.

    If the user who controls a faction is inactive for a long time without reason, members of the faction can decide who should take over. If the original owner returns and gives good reason, the person who replaced him or her should give ownership back to the original owner, unless there is good reason for them to keep it. Note that just because new leader is leader while in the middle of a roleplay isn’t a good reason. You can make it so that events occur that give leadership back to the original leader.

    Current Factions:
    The Forsaken Wake
    The Scarlet Remnant
    The Thunderhammer Army
    The Taurajo Longrunners
    The Blitz Mercenaries
    The Crimson Lions
    The Grey Family

    Faction Template:
    Name: The name of the faction
    Age: How long the faction has been existing
    Population: The estimated population of your faction (NPC’s included)
    Founder(s): The character(s)/NPC(s) who founded the faction
    Leader(s): The current leader(s) of the faction (character-wise, not user-wise)
    Description: A description of the faction
    Symbol: A picture or description of the faction's flag or banner. NOTE: See here for someone who'll be glad to make a symbol for ya (NOTE: TEMPORARILY CLOSED.)

    Affiliations/Politics: Factions which are allied with this one, as well as factions which are enemies with this one
    Alignment: See Here for a list of moral alignments. Explain why the faction is of this particular alignment
    Command Structure: How the faction is organized, particularly the leadership (is there one leader? More than one? Does the leader have advisors? Is it council based?)
    Base of Operations: Where the faction operates from.
    Characters Admitted: What types of characters are allowed in
    Current Members: A list of the current user-controlled characters in the faction

    History: The history of the faction

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