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    Please help with schoolproject.

    Im currently doing a Statistical Investigation in my mathsclass in school.
    Would love if you could give me 10 seconds and answer this question:
    "Do you feel that WOW, or gaming in general, have affected your studies negative?"

    Sorry for bad English thanks in advance!

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    My location is irrelevant to your interests

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    Wouldn't it be negatively?
    Hey everyone

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duronos View Post
    Wouldn't it be negatively?
    Yeah, English is not his first language, but hey, at least we get the message.

    To answer your question, gaming has affected my studies in a negative way. I would have had the same ordeal if i had gone to actual sports, though.

    Maybe it was just my general disinterest in school.
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    Before the game in high school my grade were perfect but as I joined this game, my grades have been slipping due to playing too much or being busy (raiding) :P

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    The fact you need help for this answers your question young padawan.
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    I stopped WoW during my studies because of too much raiding (I.. need.. to.. sleep ). But I never put WoW above school in my priority list, and never ever had any problems at school while playing WoW. So I voted "no" :-)

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    No, I do not feel that my playing WoW has affected my schoolwork But I'm fairly casual except for the 5.6k acheivment points I have. I Have taken breaks from the game though- Didn't play most of september mainlt because I was waited for 4.01 and was beginning to find the game to be boring.

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    Nope, I never do much studying anyway, even without games.

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    Hard to say, really.

    I doubt WoW alone affects anyone negatively, since it's usually a culmination of things.

    To answer the question: No, and I think anyone that believes it can and scrutinizes it for such is either delerious or witness to a rare case.
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    I would say Yes to gaming in general. In school I didn't really have my priorities in the correct order. Gaming just happened to be what I had access to.

    So, once again, Yes to gaming in general. However, any other activity could have the same effect.
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    I would say no, only if youre addicted then yes it would bother you.
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    No, probably not for the most part. No more than anything else would anyways.

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    No it improved em was getting all a then parents stop lme playing and getting b's and c's. Yeah takes my mind off my life so yeah.......

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    If its affected someone, WoW or games in general are not the ones to blame

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    Yes, i'm pretty sure it has.

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    It depends, I'm still a minor so if my mum threatens to delete my character due to something I did then it puts me in a bad mood because WoW is 1/4 of my life lol.
    Hey everyone

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    Dunno Im a troll.

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    Uh no i get straight A's and i play wow a comes the trolls

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    Tough question. I think it does for me just because it can be a time sink and take up time I could be using to study. I really do not think it positively affects my studying in any way so I will have to go with Yes it does negatively affect studying.

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