View Poll Results: Do you think WOW or gaming in general have affected your studies negative?

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    32 58.18%
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    23 41.82%
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    The Hedgehog Elementium's Avatar
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    Well.. if I let myself get distracted by WoW chances are if i didn't play WoW I'd be distracted by something else.

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    Mechagnome Herbert West's Avatar
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    No. My studies affected my gaming negative though.

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    I quit WoW because of too much study raid It needs to sleep. But I never put WoW at school my priority list, and never had problems at school while playing WoW.

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    Yes, why go to class if you can play wow. That was few years ago tho.
    Game as it is today does not require so much farming, gathering items for raiding. But still - Yes, a lot.

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    It is a bit of a tricky question:

    Am I frequently gaming instead of studying? Yes, no doubt!

    If I wouldn't be gaming, would I really be studying? Well, that's the tricky part, but mostly no!

    Here's the deal, I quit WoW almost a year ago after having played a lot during my exam week and consequently failed a lot of the exams (damned patch 3.3).

    However, since then I've had plenty of other exams while not being hooked to the PC. I never ended up practicing or preparing more than I did while playing WoW.

    So only because you give up something that is stopping you from doing something else....doesn't mean you'll do it.

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