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    i recently tested my shadowpriest with around 1500ish resi , man that felt good

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    Still sucks, my SP still gets crit for 8-10k by locks, mages and rets. Even with 1400 res + Sform.. im doing somthing wrong here?

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    the only real options against healers right now are to either CC them into the ground or spend 20-25 seconds mana burning them. It takes at least 3 people to train one down, even using CD's correctly. if you're in BG's, be smart and CC the shit out of them.

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    currently sitting on almost 1600 resi as holy paladin, its awesome:d tanking entire wsg while carrieng flag. it does not get any better that that

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thallidomaniac View Post
    Don't forget this nifty talent in Prot that is easily speccable by Holy Paladins.
    Damn forgot on that, crazy combo: Blessed life + Eternal glory

    Btw, Gc said they rethink about resilience buff and cut down to aditional 25% but stil resilience is strong enough.

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