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    did anyone else mention or notice that when you click the link the items say cannot be disenchanted?

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    Quote Originally Posted by theturn View Post
    You need to watch the paragon vid. Its a pally healing. Him and the other pally are 4.5% higher than the next closest healer and miles ahead of the rest. He is doing aoe heal that is hitting for 2-3k a sec. NO class can do that. If anything by the look of that vid pally will continue to br the MOST OP healer in game.
    Quote Originally Posted by Waterisbest View Post
    Is it me or paladins are currently far superior healers at 85? Doing twice the amount of healing done by other healers.
    I would be really, really surprised if they didn't nerf Healing Hands to have some DR in it. That's the main reason right now, imo. I can't think of any particular reason they are OP in 5 or 10 mans.

    Quote Originally Posted by littlevamp78 View Post
    But non of that stuff applies to us at 80, I am not playing cata for two more months I am playing LIVE right now.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mazais View Post
    Omg, you srsly dont get the point? ppl arnt QQ about the changes... they are QQ about changes nerfing us to be shit by beeing pallys not beeing shit by playing bad. and as you said its tuned for lvl 85 which i dont give a damn about cuz i cant get there anytime sooner than 7 december... and theres nothing to learn if im not 85... all our skills is tuned for cata...

    And please dont fcking speculate on what is / should be if u dont actualy play a hpaly as main... The changes are great but the numbers they are turning out atm isnt... hell i even love blizzard for letting us do some dmg as holy.. i can now do my quests / dungeons faster with shocks / exsorcism... healing numbers on the other hand makes me wanna cry
    Can you please explain what your "number" problem is? I'm looking at WorldofLogs right now, and while it's not quite the Holy Pally wall it was before, Holy Pally is still a pretty dominant healer in ICC, I don't have time to look at every stat for all 5 healer specs right now, but just going by ICC25, they make up:

    8 of the top 10 on Marrowgar, 10/10 on Heroic.

    10 of 10 on LDW, 4/10 on Heroic.

    9/10 on DBS, 10/10 on Heroic.

    9/10 on Festergut, 10/10 on Heroic.

    7/10 on Rotface, 6/10 on Heroic.

    Just from reading now. Also big on BP Heroic, DW Normal, Sindy normal, and a presence on every ICC fight that is not dominated by 1-2 specs. It's clearly not THAT bad, so you're going to have to explain in a little bit more detail on how you are getting ousted by every healer in meters due to some flaw in the class (rather than personal flaws) if you want some more sympathy. Your old tricks aren't going to work quite like before but from what I have seen (and yes, I play Holy Pally too) nothing is broken, and Holy pally isn't anywhere near useless and has no reason to be sat.

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    I love it when an entire community argues with GC pleaing for a change or for a more consistency...and he just replies with what HE thinks is right. Cause of obviously he has been the one week in and week out raiding ICC and TOGC and Ulduar etc.

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    AoE tanking changes are a welcomed change, I AoE tank with my warrior pre-4.0.1 and it was just charge, tclap, demoralizaing shout, shockwave = done you have threat on everything no problem, maybe a few revenge / shield spams / devastate and spam cleaves to rage dump.

    now its just same thing but add a rend before you tclap and cleave, tab target devastate, revenge and shield slam the ones you have lowest on threat, its making it more fun, you have to watch each targets threat level to see how far up are you.

    AoE tanking isn't hard, people who are bitching and crying over these changes are obviously bad and need to learn to better themselves instead of asking for faceroll buffs.

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    Looks like a couple of really fun boss fights, Halfus looks to be the more interesting of the two, to me, just because I dont like the overly hectic 'council' style fights, I prefer to be confronted with some giant mofo of an enemy, and wail on him till he's dead :P but hey, that's just me.

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    Here's my problem, and forgive me if it was mentioned...

    There are no 'heal' spell weapons. Show me a single one, and I'd be happy to be wrong, but you guys need to quit labeling these things. I have yet to see a single weapon on a raid table or proposed raid table of 'test' weapon for spellpower that did not have Spirit. This is why Reforging was implemented, to made drops valuable to a broader range of classes.

    If you want to label the trinkets and armor as Heal or Spell DPS, well that's fine I guess, though it still doesn't hold too much water; but it works because we have seen plenty of gear that seems more DPS oriented with no Spirit on it, but again I have to point out that until we see some raid weapons comming out of the shute there from Blizzard all caster weapons are just plain 'caster weapons'.

    Adding these false labels of 'heal' and 'spell dps' just cloudy up the waters and give people one more thing to argue about when they loose the roll to somebody else on a peice of gear they wanted for whatever reason. Again, I must instist though that with Reforging now live even those old lines of DPS or Healer gear are becomming much more blurred; after all it's not truly spell DPS gear unless it has gobbs of hit rating on it, and at the same time it's not truly healer gear unless it has gobs of spirit on it; but even in those cases those lines aren't so clear with the sole exception of hit rating, since Elemental Shamans don't actualy mind having Spirit last I looked at thier talent tables.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gallahadd View Post
    Looks like a couple of really fun boss fights, Halfus looks to be the more interesting of the two, to me, just because I dont like the overly hectic 'council' style fights, I prefer to be confronted with some giant mofo of an enemy, and wail on him till he's dead :P but hey, that's just me.
    I believe you meant "whale". However, the mental image of crying a boss to death has definitely made my day.

    Just think of the boss' confusion and the drama going on amongst the raid! *giggle*
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    Let's play, guess the tanking loot!

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    I don't mind if palis do better HPS with way more overhealing as long as my holy priest is more mana efficient with smarter heals

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nathiest View Post
    So tired of GC saying Paladins where "boring", or broken. So many people cursing you out on a daily bases proves otherwise asshole! Who was complaining? Beside little bitches that got owned by Paladins and those who didn't have a clue how to play em properly.

    Paladins where the funnest class to play in this game for many of people.

    ugh whatever.
    Now they are a thousand times more interesting to play, more than ever.

    Quote Originally Posted by Senaelanna View Post
    Good to see Blizzard continue with their bi-daily book on what they want paladins to be! Now if only the rest of the classes could get even remotely close to that much attention. Oh wait, that would require all those apple top paladins who rerolled for super 2 button OPness reroll again. Honestly paladins are, have been, and will continue to be a joke class. lolololol.
    Hey kids, look! It's a warrior that wants to get as much attention as paladins do!

    Let's remake his class every single expansion!

    Let's make a warrior's worth in the last half of every expansion be on support on buffs but otherwise "Heal (or in a warrior's case, tank) or GTFO"!

    Congratulations Warriors, this guy has won you the love and affection of Blizzard, deigning you all its 'Favorite Class!'

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    Quote Originally Posted by rboa View Post
    No Halloween info up yet?

    Maybe you could put things that effect EVERYONE on the front page. The beta testing streams are not interesting.
    Halloween is identical to last year's, only difference being the obvious changes that the Horseman's rare drops now come from the loot bag, just like the change they did with Coren Direbrew.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dexter44
    There is no patch for human stupidity
    Orihank is displeased.

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    Here's to hoping some caster trinkets and weapons drop. I really hope they get creative with stuff like changing forms for casters.

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    ok the paragon video made me want to take back my pally and make him holy!!!!!that healing was insane!!!

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    If Holy Radience is indeed op, then as a Holy Paladin I hope they do nerf it, as long as they stick to what they've said (read the long post on the blue tracker) and buff the single target heals. I haven't raided since 4.01 went live (we're still trying to get past the attendance boss!) but what I've read worries me. I actually quite like the new healing style and have had a ton of fun in 5 mans and pvp trying to figure out exactly what I should be doing, but 5 mans and pvp are not a raid environment and as fun as the new style is, if it doesn't hold up in raid content then Blizzard need to fix it so it does.

    I have faith that by 85 we'll be on a par with other healers, but the fact remains that if something isn't tweaked soon (even if they tweak it back for 85) Paladin healers are going to be permanantly tarred with the 'usless, give the raid spot to a real healer' brush. Not so much a problem for me, small guild, paladin Healer GM, but I'd hate to see my fellow healadins get kicked from raid groups because the class is not competative (afer all there are still 7 weekish until release).

    I also hate the fact that people assume all the Holy Paladins complaining must've relied on Holy Light spam and little else when raiding before 4.01. As it stands I probably have the same amount of spells on the go as pre 4.01 after removing the spells no longer with us (R.I.P. DI - you're scaring the life out of tanks in the twisting nether now *sob*) and adding in the new stuff. The only thing that's dramatically changed is my Power Auras, I have so many procs, cooldowns etc. to track if they all go off at once I may need sunglasses to cope

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    Quote Originally Posted by littlevamp78 View Post
    Hardly any of the ppl complaining want it changed back, the new system is rather nice once you get used to it. What we want is to be viable players at 80. The numbers are way too low and saying they get better at 85 doesn't help us now when we are trying to play as 80s now and not 85s.
    It's very convenient time to take a break until Dec 7. As two times before, Blizzard forces us to become free testers.
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    What I liked the most about hpalas was that we were the ones responsible for the tanks, always. It was challenging but fun. This is something I will miss greatly. And who said we lacked aoe healing before, The splash heal from holy light did plenty healing and so did the passive JoL.

    Really sad that they ruined the fun of being a holy paladin

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