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    Wrathful Weps/gear

    I am about to ding 80 on my warrior. And depating getting some gear just to goof off with and have something to do till Cata. (yes I know it is close)

    I am asking this because I remember come WOTLK you could buy all brutal gear after the final season for honor. Is there any word of this happening for Cata? And if there is a blue post I could not find it so please link. Yes I used the search bar and found nothing

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    The only reason we are able to buy armor / weapons that we haven't 'earned' is because the arena season is over and no one has any teams.

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    If you're asking if you can buy wrathfull set pieces and weps with honor yes you can from dalaran sewers, they are still red and require arena rating but you can buy them and use them. Only item you can't but it think are the shoulders.

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    You can't buy the shoulders and the higher arena rating weapons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loonatek View Post
    Only item you can't but it think are the shoulders.

    Isn't that just a bug?

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