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    One week ago all I heard was:

    It'll all be balanced at 85 mang chillax.
    I disagreed, said it would be unbalanced, and was moderated out.


    Some of our adjustments at level 80 ended up causing certain classes to be overpowered or underpowered at level 85.

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    When it say Agility Fist - Set and Strength Fist - Set do they mean it will be two set or are they stupid and put Strength AND Agility in one Set when they know that either one of them would be better alone instead of both (as in two strength or two agility)

    Also Moonkin pet <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by zarbus View Post
    "Fire Mages, Shadow Priests, and Destruction Warlocks do too much DPS." undoes it
    If you knew anything about the mage class rather than just randomly QQing you'd understand what this is about.

    Mages at level 80 were overpowered. With current combat ratings they were simply too powerful. Even post nerf mages are still powerful.

    However, they also applied the nerf to beta were mages have much lower combat ratings. Doing so meant in the recent raid tests mages were coming in bottom of the meters. All the aspects that make mages overpowered at 80 don't exist at 85 and this change undoes the beta nerf that shouldn't have happened in the first place.

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    Changes sounds good, but the moonkin pet is the new patch is all about.

    I want one!

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    I don't understand. Mages just got a nerf, but not it's possibly being reverted? Does anyone know why? Not that I'm complaining, but I don't understand how they will 'fix' (nothing wrong with it, imo :P) Mages' DPS if not by this.

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    Another build without any Hunter changes. This is bad. Blizz better be doin something major in the near future.

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    Baby Boomkin! I suggested this on the forums a while back, but with the low amount of responses and support, I figured it had gone unnoticed. The Moonkin Hatchling is probably the most exciting part of this post.

    I'm surprised that they still haven't really touched balance druids- basting moonfire/sunfire or insect swarm needs to move the eclipse bar just slightly. I'm seen people running while spamming Sunfire in solar eclipse and doing upwards of 9k dps. I wish I was kidding.

    I don't understand. Mages just got a nerf, but not it's possibly being reverted? Does anyone know why? Not that I'm complaining, but I don't understand how they will 'fix' (nothing wrong with it, imo :P) Mages' DPS if not by this.
    Blizzard is monitoring mostly the level 85's, in and outside of the new raids, so it's possible that mages don't scale as well as some of the other classes as they level. If you remember from a few news posts back, Boub said that the recent class changes on live were likely not how Blizzard wants to work those classes at 85. I may be wrong- just an educated guess.
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    minimum requirements should be able to run WoW with minimum settings but fluent gameplay. not stuttering but fluent gaming. while recommended should be able to run WoW at mix of medium/high setting on normal resolutions (not freaking 24" monitors and that kind of stuff). Now if blizz has whole another way of defining minimum and recommended, which it probably does to sell that extra few hundred thousand copies more, thats another story.

    tbh recommended system for cata cant even run Wotlk fluently on lets say 1366x768.

    Blizzard is full of it yet again.

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    Fist weapon for just one spec?

    Yeah, THAT'LL be a popular drop :P

    psst, let DKs use fist weapons

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    Yay mages get to stay OP

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    Quote Originally Posted by phyx View Post
    minimum requirements should be able to run WoW with minimum settings but fluent gameplay.
    Says you. This is not typically what "minimum requirements" means from any software vendor. Typically this means the bare minimum specs required to have the software running at all.

    Even recommended settings are minimum recommended settings - i.e., your definition of "minimum requirements."

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    WTB moonkin hatchling <3

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    still no hunter or combat rogue changes;( worried

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    Being a BOomkin, DO WANT the moonkin pet

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    I really hate the engineering change! Now i can't have 'Spinal' injector on my belt and Lightning shooting out my hands at the same time, because the 'Spinal' injector is on my hands also, because my HANDS are a part of my SPINE, really...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azalu View Post
    They've obviously concluded that the mastery bonus isn't the problem. The trees themselves will probably be getting various nerfs instead
    No that's not what is going on. Mages were overpowered with their talents at 80. So they nerfed that. That nerf went into a Beta build. Mages weren't performing as they intended at 85 in the beta so they are putting the numbers back to 25% (Live remains unchanged). Odds are those numbers will change slightly but it should put mages in line with other classes at level 85.

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    Do people not watch these beta raid streams or videos? Hunters are doing great DPS (topping charts on a decent basis), rogues do competitive DPS, and mages...are not to be seen. These 4.0.1 patch was never meant to be balanced at 80, and there isn't a single number in the mage specs they could tweak to make them do less DPS at level 80. What makes mages, especially fire, broken currently is the fact that we can get above 70% crit and 30% haste, plain and simple. Combat ratings be damn though, people want Cataclysm to be balanced around Marrowgar, looks like blizzard disagrees.

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    I don't rightly know what to make of these changes...

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    Woohoo!! Feral druid buffs!

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    Wait a minute. They nerf mages only to boost their damage output directly by 15%?

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