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    you're probably right. but you know i'm very opinionated and i just can't help it
    Doesn't that kinda wrap up your entire theory? Opinion.

    Hey! Did you know the sun doesn't rise in the east? It rises from the west and sets in the east. Why? Because I said so, so there has to be some validity to it!

    Simple fact...

    You post this thread with a heavy opinion and try to make it out as fact, but you give NOTHING in way of proving it?

    Where's your coefficients that provide:

    Stats -> Power/Spell Power
    Stats -> Crit chance
    Stats -> Hit Rating
    Stats -> Expertise

    Then once you have that how about the caps to each of the perspective levels of 81, 82, 83, 84, and 85 in accordance to said coefficients to said ratings and stats. There's also the coefficients on how each stat scales with each level. Then you have the coefficients on how spells and abilities will perform to aforementioned stats and ratings.

    My point being overall; if you can't provide that, then there's no reason to take your baseless conjecture seriously. Anyone can make topics based on opinion, how about a little proof?
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    At times, the frequent redundancy and stupidity of these forums, turns me into an argumentative ass.

    To most of you, I apologize in advance. I will attempt to be nicer.

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    The game is based around level 85.

    Though, don't be ignorant to assume that the game won't need to be adjusted to fix future balancing issues down the road. Major changes have happened in the talent and spell systems of the game, your argument of "OMG ITS GONNA BE UNBALANCED!" it's a no-brainer. Durp durp, Blizzard didn't balance classes 100% properly omg riot time! Durp durp, we'll have to wait until level 85 for them to change things accurately.

    Your posts remind me of a rebellious child, sitting in your corner screaming "DEFY BLIZZARD!" for no apparent reason other than (presumably) your class sucks right now (which is probably untrue, you're just unable to preform). If you're unhappy, quit. But don't try and convert others to your weak childish thoughts.

    Here's a game you can play at home: Cataclysm talents, Cataclysm spells, Wrath of the Lich King expansion. Which one doesn't belong?

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    Ever since WotLK, I have yet to see a single class be "Unplayable" or "Nerfed" to the point where you were A: Turned away from raids or groups or B: couldn't keep up with anyone else.

    There is no perfect balance in any game, ANY GAME, because there is no such thing.
    WoW only has 10 million subscribers it must be dying! WoW sucks!
    I'm sorry no, clearly you didn't see Chuck Norris allowed 10 million to survive his Purge.

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    nerf solitaire, game pwns me everytime and I can't stand it anymore.

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