Thread: Dear Blizzard..

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    Dear Blizzard..

    WHADAFAH WAZAT?! Mages are getting another buff in patch 4.0.1. GOD!!! Seriously! You are gonna stop this shit right f**king now you know that?!

    ...I can not BELIEVE THIS!

    .........GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another buff?! MORE?! I beg you to stop buffing Mages!

    I'll find a way to stop this!

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    Lol...Maybe instead of blizz nerfing us by 20% then giving us the 20% back they can find some sort of a happy medium! TBH fire mages should have slightly more potential to pump out more DPS then the other specs because it uses a lot more mana.

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    I'm pretty sure OP is a troll, I hope so anyway, otherwise just about the most retarded thread I've seen in my short time posting on these forums.

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