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    How are locks healing so much in BG's?

    There's no reason a warlock should be beating me in healing done o.O...How the hell are they doing this?

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    Its a bug. I think its counting all the overhealing you do with fel synergy. Theres no way warlocks can heal that much.
    Affli healing was nerfed to the ground.

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    Considering the lock died 17 times, I'm guessing he wasn't healing himself too much.

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    When the warlock spawns, they get credit for a 30K+ healing on their pet bringing it from 1% health to full. So that accounts for about 500-750K of the healing. My guess is that Fel Synergy is also counting toward healing.

    Lastly... Seriously 17th deaths? He obviously wasn't healing himself too much.


    PS - Tukui FTW!!!!

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    Oh that's the bug? Good because I felt like a failure for letting a lock outheal me.

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    yeah I've seen locks with 100k+ healing before the match starts so it can't be something like fel synergy...at least not totally.
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    also some Bg's screens are bugged and show the wrong class sometimes, i saw my low lvl hunter as a mage.

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    Also, everytime you use the spell that recharges soul shards now, it also ticks a large heal on you. I know my lock ticks for about 6k

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigsilly View Post
    Also, everytime you use the spell that recharges soul shards now, it also ticks a large heal on you. I know my lock ticks for about 6k
    yeah exactly, its 60% on your HP back over 8 seconds or something, on a 30 sec cd. can easily can massive amounts of healing, as well as the fel synergy talent

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    its OBVIOUSLY buggd.. many times hunters take the top healing aswell..

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    I've done much more healing than this, the above posters were correct but also don't forget a major thing like a locks soul leech. Also minor things like healthstone, deathcoil ect..

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