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    about time they give some love back to hunter

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    You can farm Anzu in heroic Sethekk Halls for his epic mount even if you're not a druid.
    so I guess this will be the same when 4.0.3 hits? Awesome, finally I won't be forced to play a class I don't like just to get a mount I like (yes I know having a friend druid works as well, wtb friends)

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    Quote Originally Posted by turbare View Post
    You can farm Anzu in heroic Sethekk Halls for his epic mount even if you're not a druid.

    Totally lame. Now every noob out there will have one.
    Do keep at least some rare things rare :|
    After farming for the ZG mount for 3+ years id say they have done that quite well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bruin View Post
    With having a Druid as my main, I was a little disheartened by the Anzu change. Not so much that anyone can farm him, but now that he's free standing in an empty room :-( At least I had to go through an epic quest chain to even *see* him; I don't care if anyone fights him, but it would have been nice if at least some of the work was still in place.

    But its not all bad, it just puts the Reins of the Raven Lord in the same category as Rivendare's mount, or the White Hawkstrider- still cool mounts, just fairly obtainable.
    I guess having flight form that you can herb in without having to unmount or instant mount up while flying isn't in game anymore huh?

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    What a mistake it was to release these pre-cata changes onto live servers. Should have just kept everything the same until people could level to 85 and no one would be worrying about meaningless numbers... oh, well, I'm not the one stuck trying to fix all these classes and then immediately revert them come December!

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    For those curious about the music for the Phoenix Vs Conclave video, its "Illmerica" by Wolfgang Gartner.

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    We got that despawn bug, which is a shame because it was looking like a good attempt


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    Damn straight about the annoying bug in 10 man - it would have been a kill if he hadn't despawned!

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    hug back
    Quote Originally Posted by Sulf View Post
    You actually get a raidspot as a clicker dps


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    Quote Originally Posted by Boylicious View Post
    I dont think druids having flight form can be used against us. We shapeshift. Its a core mechanic of our class. Every form represents some type of combat style or travel style. I dont think outside of druids who charge gold for runs, or druids helping friends do runs, any other druids actually want to see this mount around every corner. Theres nothing wrong with have some things be exclusive.
    But as the reins of the raven lord mount was always available to whomever wins the roll, it was never exclusive. It just took a little more effort to get to than other things and the rarity stemmed from that.

    As I said, if this change somehow infringed on a core druid mechanic like your flight form, then yeah, you'd have something to be upset about.

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    Gold cap is 999,999g 99s 99c; not 1,000,000g.
    Transmute cooldowns are at midnight server time, not at 4a server time (the time when dailies are reset).

    Don't get me started on your 'Quote by Blizzard Entertainment' spin of the data-mined transmute cooldown removal. I didn't fall for it but I know a number who had.

    As we've seen, the information being provided these days is half-hearted at best. So long MMO-Champion; I'll find my news elsewhere.

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    "You can buy most of Arena gear even if you do not have the proper rating, requirements seems to be gone from all items. ilvl 277 weapons and shoulders are the only items left with a rating requirement."

    I went through all these 8 pages and still it seems that some people are wondering. I didn't have an arena team and most of the arena items were red (not available) to me and tooltip says they have rating requirements. Even then you can just buy them and use them if you have enough honor to buy it. Doesn't matter if it's red and shows rating requirements. You just click on it and verify the action and enjoy your rating-free arena items. 1800 weapons are available also.

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    Champion's Purse also is 100% chance to drop Champion's Seal - that's new!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Omega View Post
    I like the fact that Anzu is farmable. On the other hand the drop chance was lowered ...
    Where do you get that the drop was lowered? I have seen countless posts of people getting it in less then 4-5 days. Me and 3 friends have been farming Anzu daily for 3 days now and 2 of us got him. (Sadly not me yet)

    If anything, from what i've seen the drop has increased drastically.

    For those druids crying about it, save your tears, it was lame that only druids could summon him anyway. You aren't special anymore oh boy end of the world isn't it?

    People cried the same when the ground mounts lowered from the 800G they used to be.
    Also people cried for months about how unfair PVP to PVE transfers were.
    Looks like everything worked out fine in the end.

    You'll get over it.
    Times change, move on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cool_freezer View Post
    rating requirements still exist on top tier weapons, shoulders and the tabard. all of them have a requirement of 2000+!
    What Arena vendor are you folks visiting? I've checked the Arena vendors under Dalaran several times now and ALL gear, sans Relentless, requires either a BG, Arena or Personal rating.

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