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    Just a heads up, I'm pretty sure the Ironstar Amulet is a tanking necklace, not a melee one.

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    As far as the Blizzon streaming goes, last year they had it so you can replay the entire blizzcon (in 10-15 minute segments) for a few days after it ended on the blizzcon live stream website. You had to have purchased the live stream in order to view it, however. I don't see any reason for them to remove this feature

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    Goblin Art is total cheese

    Quote Originally Posted by Cirque View Post
    In love with the fanart as usual. Oh, if I had half the skill those people have, it'd be fantastic. Since that's never gonna happen, I'll just drool on what others make. Keep up the good work guys!

    The goblin "fanart" is 100% stolen from existing Bliz art. Search for "wow goblin" in google and see for yourself. Plagiarism sucks.

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    Low level imbalance? Naa its all good

    Mutilate for +200 at level 16 and evi dIRR makes it +150. GEGE?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wiIdi View Post
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Look at the trees today and let me know if there are truly no choices for you to make that might enhance the enjoyment of playing your class.
    Okay. I look at the trees today and and there are no choices for me to make that might enhance the enjoyment of playing my class and the fact that you force me to put 31 points into the same tree doesn't help either.
    GC needs to get a clue, half the classes I spec'd had no choices. It was back filling crap talents just so I could progress up the tree.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akhran View Post
    People should not be posting these types of comments. Live means as it's happening. If any of you did not know this then yes, you have wasted your money due to lack of knowledge. If you see anything which says "Live" and you want to know what time in your area that would be simply find out what time zone the "Live" broadcast is in and find a converter to show what time it would be where you live. Also for "like, as if it were live, except it's just not?" I'm sure there will be plenty of videos online available afterwards for those who don't get to watch it live.
    Sure, I understand the concept of "live", I'm not an idiot. Why I asked this questions is basically, when watching the blizzcon testing videos that are up right now, you can choose to watch live and choose to "go back in time", if you understand what I mean. I was just wondering if this is a possibility to do the entire weekend, or just during airing hours. About lacking of knowledge; I couldn't find the time zone info anywhere on the current blizzcon page. All it said was "11 am", which could just as well have been 11 am in Britian/France/Whatever.

    So, back to my question, how was it last year? Could you catch up the stuff that you missed, during the weekend?

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    I can't view the Atramedes-video from germany, due to licensing issues :-(

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