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    so when blizzcon starts? european time

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    Stream ain't even starting for me-,-'

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    It's not streaming for me here, or directly on the site, anyone else having problems?

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    So, are the lvl 60 quests for Hunter and Priest gone or not? The thread mentions them gone, but then mentions that the hunter quest is no longer bugged. Got a priest who has all the items and wants to get Benediction because it was amazing pre-BC.
    To those who are happy about losing class specific quests, these were part of what made original WoW great. The quests were long and hard and you accomplished something by finishing them. I still have my Drakefire Amulet and Eternal Quintessence since I spent countless hours earning them. Blizz needs to stop making WoW so easy mode, generic and put some character/class depth back in.

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    Irae AoD got cho'gall spawned.
    Streaming here:

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    Streams Guild Karfagen (Cho'gall - Bastion of Twilight)

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    guild leader told the guy streaming to turn it off or something -.-

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    FTH stopped streaming, and before that the stream didn't work because I think I crashed

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    yea the stream isn't working for me either. found a couple others on xfire and they are in chogall's room but no boss >.<

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    Wish someone would stream a attempt with sound in English
    if anyone finds one please post a link

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    artgh my ears fuck a shock

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    Anyone know what UI the person is using in the video? pretty slick.

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    lol this livestream has great choice in music

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    Hey anyone know what addons that priest is using for Cho'gall????

    Would love to know.

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    I sure hope that guy doesn't really listen to that kind of music ... god damn awful.

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    The guys with the stream change the fucking music, fucking bad...

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    Answer to angael:
    The main addon is TukUI, and the others is pretty random, Grid, Sexycooldown (cooldown watch of some kind) and Recount.

    Does any1 know the name of all the songs she/he is listening to?

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    How is the bear TANK doing 9k+ dps? He's 3rd on the dps meter. :x

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    Hey, is this new art of Grom Hellscream, will he be in a Caverns of Time? Kewl if so!

    What will happen to the ?
    I would like to complete it...

    Vestments of the Virtuous, for priest, just looks AWESOME!

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    Rasmus Seebach? lol, why would they put such bad music on their stream? :d
    /points at Ensidia

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