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    Watching the Cho'gall test. What is the addon that is being used that tracks the CD on Power Word: Shield?

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    Anyone know what UI the person in the top stream is using? It looks awesome!

    Edit: For the priest, that is.

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    Looking forward to BlizzCon this year. Really hoping to see a new original game, as well as more Diablo 3 info. I don't think there can be many surprises about WoW besides future patch raids. A totally new game would be the best. Without that, I don't expect anything mind blowing or news-making. Not a qq or negative post. I'll be glued to my phone at work to see what they're saying.

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    anyone can tell me how to get that font that the ensidia dude have? really been looking everywhere for it

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    DIII I seriously cannot wait! Cata meh.. if it's a continuations of 4.0.1 I'm really not interested in World of Bugcraft!

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    I live in LA and have yet gone to Blizzcon... gotta buy a ticket next year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chromathos View Post
    Anyone know what UI the person in the top stream is using? It looks awesome!

    Edit: For the priest, that is.
    That's tukui. It's the most awesome UI I've ever used (for about 2yrs now).

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    mjhirsch, I think they're mostly referring to the class-specific quests like all the Warlocks learning summons or making the robe in Ratchet, maybe Warriors picking up their stances. Possibly also the level 50 Sunken Temple class-specific quests. I don't think they were saying "Rhok'delar is removed, but has also been fixed!".
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    Yay i need to do paladin's quest for charger :<

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    The addon tracking the shield cooldown is a part of tukui.

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    Cho'Gall looks pretty cool. Can't get the strem to work perfectly though..

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    Is it really hard to have a bunch of class specific quests for all that classes. Maybe a small area where depending on your class your expected to use some of your abilities to get thru and then you get some reward like the next rank of fireball (for mages).

    Guess Blizzard cant afford the staff to make that happen... NOT

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    Cho'gal looks like a tough one. Real tough.

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    Does anyone else think it's much nicer to listen to germans raiding then english speaking? =p

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    Normal mode Cho'Gall is difficult! Can't wait for Heroic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Talydaria View Post
    Wish someone would stream a attempt with sound in English
    if anyone finds one please post a link
    this is in english -
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    Cmon Boub, german stuff?

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    people can't get out of fire. yay.
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    The game need more class quests not fewer, and the ones we had weren't that great anyway.

    One of my biggest pet peeves w/ this game is that it doesn't do enough to make you feel like a member of your class.

    I play a shaman, shaman lore is awesome, the draenei shaman quests were pretty good compared to other classes' quests in the game. But once you got your wind totem you never did anything specific to being a shaman for the rest of the game. I at least never got the feeling that shamanism ever helped me in any of my many heroic endeavors. Quest-wise I always saved the day by being a super-powerful adventurer, not by being a super-powerful master of the elements.

    zomg wall of text did not read why post all that in a comment box noob

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    Yay, we get to wait in line for 3 hours tomorrow! WOOT

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    @ img16: He looked bigger on screen.

    @ img20: Why is there someone wearing a top 50 sizes too big for hi.... OMG A GRL!

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