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    Chris Metzen and Alex Afrasiabi were absolutely brilliant. The panel was great a lot of great answers and a lot of Metzen saying Bitchin.

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    This part of blizzcon was not available for me to watch on directv. What exactly did they say about the new legendary? ty for your input

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    It's choir not quire

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    Quote Originally Posted by rethea View Post
    Such a great panel, even if Metzen came out full force this year with his love of man-jewelry.
    he obviously pities the fool.. and plays a night elf mohawk

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strafer View Post
    Sylvanas, Vereesa and Alleria?

    Epic lesbian orgie? Eh, forget it.

    But I really hope a reunion happens.
    Yes This

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    Quote Originally Posted by Syce View Post
    this sounds part sounds really interesting to say the least.
    Wonder if the purified black dragon egg will have anything to do with it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ulqiorra View Post
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    There's a few of these where I can't tell if he's being sarcastic or what, but i'm banking on sarcasm. :\

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    caster legendary? any comments?

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    After the battle of Andorhal when our favorite Death Knight gets Chain Hooked back to us for Reeudcation is there going to be any revisiting to that?
    The forsaken storyline is a complex one, you will definitely see that somewhere.
    I suspect this question has something to do with the new quests in the Western Plaguelands? Because currently I cannot make any sense out of it.

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    "unfortunately the tank role is smaller than dps role"

    Would've been better if he worded it like "There are more people dpsing than tanking", because now it kinda sounds like tanks play no part in this game.

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    "Preaching to the Quire" hahaha
    It's called a Choir friends !

    Sorry if someone brought this up already... equally sorry if no one gives a damn.

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    These guys sound way too high to answer these questions. Do over!

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    The entire panel was filled with sarcastic and smug remarks from Blizzard.

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    And suddenly the current state of LOLLORE makes so much more sense. Metzen's like every 13 year old DBZ fanboy putting fic on No wonder he's BFFs with Knaak.

    So beyond disappointed in this shit.

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    If Illidan somehow got redeemed I'd explode in joy, killing him was retarded, and Maiev is a cunt, just sayin.

    Deathwing is also looking to be one of the coolest expansion bosses yet

    Don't care much for Thrall becoming superimba but if it has to be anyone at least he's a good fit, I love how Metzen always refers to his characters as if they were real. The whole Thrall questioning himself and who he really is was cool to listen to, and just the way he comes off is why Metzen is one of my favorite writers.

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    The favoritism arguments can finally be put to rest. We (Horde) are the favored faction. Our Warchief is "the most important person in Azeroth".... BOOM, bitches!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wyewye View Post
    The entire panel was filled with sarcastic and smug remarks from Blizzard.
    if you took the DNA from Peter Molyneux and Clifford Bleszinski then added a lot of drugs. You'd get Chris Metzen

    like i said, i kinda love how they use language (unsuited for a 12+ game lol) and come across all excited like a bunch of schoolkids. I kinda like that enthusiasm, but.. well... shame about the actual Lore of the game.

    The Deathknights argument with the worgen and goblin was just, well, awful. sorry. I mean sure they might have existed but just sticking them in seems lazy. Not as Lazy as avoiding a new brewfest stein. but still pretty lazy.

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    you missed the question from the girl... well it was stupid but hey.. thrall and jaina won't get together.. metzen said it.. so that has something to... well forget about it

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    Every second question was about legendaries here, think there are better things to discus. Especially most questions were about that getting legendaries will be easier or that they scale with level.
    Think that question got asked at every Blizzcon by now.

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    This panel sounded a lot better in person compared to reading it afterwards. Most of the jokes have pieces left out, and most of the /sarcasms just refer to Metzen poking fun at himself and Alex.

    An examples:

    I'm a big fan of the Saurfangs but I never knew what kind of clan they're from.
    - Metzen: *pauses*
    - Metzen: Blackrock?
    - You sure?
    - Alex: 80%
    - Metzen: No, 100%... as of 3 seconds ago.
    *laughter from crowd*

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