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    Games that should be made:

    What are the games that you would love to see made? Even if they have no chance of happening.

    As a huge fan of DragonBall Budokai Tenkaichi and Naruto Ultimate Ninja, I think a Warcraft fighting game using a similar style would be quite a bit of fun.
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    -I don't care what the next expansion is about, as long as the story is dark and rich so I can refer to it as Chocolate WoW.

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    A good Heros of Might and Magic game as last being HoMM III

    I didnt like IV (since it did some horrible things to battle and city building)
    HoMM 5 was decent but not really that great.
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    DBZ Budokai 4.

    Lost Odyssey 2.

    Serious Sam 3.

    I could go on forever.
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    A Warhammer 40k FPS on my PS3 would be badass....

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    Age of Mythology II

    With awesome graphics like SC2 and mechanics like AoE3! GOD, PLEASE!

    Has to feature:
    - Greece/Rom
    - Egypt
    - Gothic Europe (think like Worgen + Undead culture)
    - Scandinavia
    - Aztec/Maya/Inca
    - Native N.America
    - Persian
    - China
    - Japan
    - Atlantis/Antarctic/Any mystic new culture
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    Timesplitters 4, with the game Virus included...

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    Baldur's Gate 3 would be amazing(made by Bioware, ofc).

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaelrin View Post
    Baldur's Gate 3 would be amazing(made by Bioware, ofc).
    Came here to say BG3 also, even a new icewind dale.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark
    I would kill a old god.

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    Amm Prototype 2 or Prototype MMO
    Darksiders MMO
    Age of Mythology II
    Warcraft 4
    New Soul Reaver game

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    A new Soul Reaver game would be awesome. I suspect they would take a Devil May Cry/God of War/Lords of Shadow approach.

    Not that that is bad.
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    -I don't care what the next expansion is about, as long as the story is dark and rich so I can refer to it as Chocolate WoW.

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    Final Fantasy VII HD!

    i'd love to play that again in high res..

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    Half Life 3. Or the next expansion. jk I don't even care anymore Freeman can go be Deadman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scotia View Post
    Timesplitters 4, with the game Virus included...

    Timesplitters was one of my favorite shooters.. so much fun and such a hilarious story Using time travel as a way to blend EVERY FPS theme known to man into 1 game was genius.

    I'd like to see a GTA style game.. with Zombies. Seriously.. why have they not done this?

    I'd also like a new Ogre battle game.

    Um.. ALSO, I think it would be cool to have a RPG version of WoW..

    Same world but more detailed (Solo game! with Dota style multiplayer!)
    Instead of making 1 guy you make your entire party consisting of 1 healer, 1 tank and 3 dps.
    Gear still drops, professions are still there but it's made as a 1 player game.

    If anyone could do it.. Blizz could.

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    Another Timesplitters would def be awesome. I've been playing quite a bit of borderlands and would love to see it in psuedo mmo style but not quite sure how itd fit.

    Gotcha Force is a game id like to see on the WII, probably Mischief Makers as well. Just seems like they'd fit well.

    As a fan, id like to see good naruto game but sadly won't happen.

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    I still need my pokemon mmo

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    A new MMO with;

    - The concept of Vanguard
    - The lore and class system of FFXI
    - The raids and population of WoW (population, not community)
    - The graphics of Aion
    - The PvP from Warhammer

    But this time without the bugs or crappy engines.

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    Hopefully someday there will be a Steam Punk MMO out there such an untaped markett and really not many people know of it so it would be brining in more people into the style of Steam Punk.

    Examples of weapons in the game



    Steam Pressure:The amount of power it holds needs to regenerate at a pace
    Structure:the base of the created item and its usefullness at your level
    Impact:How hard said items hits for
    Stability:How durable the item is

    Items are made from your work shop items are catagorized in different fields

    Weapons(Steam Gaunlets,Polearms,Swords,Axes,Rifles, or other its up to your imagination)
    Armor(youd be an easy target if you were undergeared aslo can add certain things to your armor a Steam Cloak aka smoke screne with steam to get away)
    Medical(for those whom want to further the advancements in helping there comrads)
    Utility(Such as a steam Mobile usually these are very hard to come by with schematics)Equvilant to a wow mount but with more costumization options

    The Underground Markett will be your main source of bartering between players.

    Gentleman Challenge were you compete in areana matches to test each others inventions not any ordinary areana matches they consist of three matchs

    Racing:Race Steam Mobiles around a course with Obstacles who will be the victor

    Inginuity:Points for Inginuity for completing a difficult challenge with your invention

    Dueling:What would be a Gentleman's duel without the basics
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    RTS strategy based on WoW, something like this.

    On a serious note - WarHammer 40k MMO (yeah-yeah, i know its in progress) and FAST!

    Also, a proper RPG or maybe even Stealth-RPG set in Ravenloft.

    Also, MOAR games like Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth

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