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    Quote Originally Posted by Tviksas View Post
    fapped to alexstrasza already :S
    Fapped to a guy, noob!

    Did noone realize that this is a guy:

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    If i were to ever go to this and make a costume , id totally go as a Terran Marine. Would be interesting because no one ever seems to do that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sourika View Post
    Fapped to a guy, noob!

    Did noone realize that this is a guy:

    No one 'realized' it because it's not a guy.

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    That moonkin is a win!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vormav View Post
    No one 'realized' it because it's not a guy.

    AND YES, IT IS A GUY! Nerds, never seen a girl before ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lekscene View Post
    Because every girl has complained about the female NPC armor being too revealing, right? Way to generalize. There are plenty of us who don't care, who aren't radically feminist, maybe even some of us who aren't straight.
    Here here! Thank you for saying that because the feminist attitude portrayed by some female players especially some of the questions at the Q&A's does not at all represent all female players. Likewise it does not represent all feminists that play either. From reading through the comments I noticed that some male players have commented on the unrealistic look of male models - it's a game, neither is accurate to real life. And to be honest, I'd rather the art department and development team concentrate on bringing us awesome new things than worry about making the NPCs/characters fatter or with smaller boobs. One thing I noticed from watching all the Q&A pannels is that so many players don't realise just how long Blizzard's 'to do' list for WoW really is. They can't do everything, and even they must get frustrated when they realise they cannot do things they would love to do.

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    Sourika right, it's a guy.

    about 13—15 years old. And yes, nerds never seen girls before xD
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nathiest View Post
    More of #6 !!!!!!!
    Yes, please!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nacxa View Post
    Sourika right, it's a guy.

    about 13—15 years old. And yes, nerds never seen girls before xD
    it's no a guy...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nezrael View Post
    never thougt, Zul´Jin could look that gay oO
    Although the costume didn't turn out as well as we'd hoped, at least I'm out there doing something. You can say all you want but, but at least I gave it a shot. I also threw that together in one day. The costume sort of started to fall apart after being in it for 8 hours. To my credit it looked A LOT better in the darker lighting of the convention as opposed to where the picture was taken. The latex body paint didn't mesh well with the cream based hands/feet in the lighting.

    I've already started on next years so hopefully it won't suck as bad lol. I'll be the warrior with a disarmed debuff over my head, so if you still got a problem or want to talk about me looking gay you can come do it to my face.

    I got on stage in front of 10k + people and up to 100k directv viewers, more than you can say.

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    Moonkin should win easyyyy

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    Quote Originally Posted by nacxa View Post
    Sourika right, it's a guy.

    about 13—15 years old. And yes, nerds never seen girls before xD
    Another picture, different angle
    Please correct me if I'm impossibly sexy for no reason.

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    Yeeah it's nice to mistake now, >.<

    Sorry RikuKitty, and you are amazing -_+

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    Is it me or is the chick in the white shirt in the Costume dungeon panel #5 ... Missing her head for you guys too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amaroq View Post
    Is it me or is the chick in the white shirt in the Costume dungeon panel #5 ... Missing her head for you guys too?
    Aha! We finally found the Headless Horseman's Mum?

    But seriously yeah i was wondering what was going on there as well lol, considering you can even see the background wall its like someones asked not to be shown in the pic and been photo-shopped out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flitter View Post
    On the other hand, 13-15 could be the case as I'm not seeing any pubes in places where they should be! *wink wink, nudge nudge*

    j/k ofc, this girl with this outfit is absolutely gorgeous.

    @RikuKitty: Could you be so kind as to give out some patterns so I can make the outfit for my girl as well?!! Not that she's into Warcraft, but hey... it's my fantasy not hers!!

    BTW, on the pictures you seem to be posing for another picture, did you locate that yet?

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    Soooo maaannnnyyyyy butterfaces! paper or plastic ladies?

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    I love the Alextrasza costume.

    There's other pics of her out there, one on Wired for example.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RikuKitty View Post
    Alexstrasza here. Firstly, remember cosplayers read comments such as these.

    Second, at least in my case, I was attempting to make my costume as accurate as possible. Unfortunately, blizzard's outfits only seem to fit as they should in a gravity-less world. I was planning on remaking the bottoms, but my costume was finished at 630am the day of blizzcon.

    By all means, I did not expect everyone to be friendly about it, but I put a lot of hard work into it and I hope people can overlook the unfortunate flaw of one piece.

    As for the rest of you, thanks for the compliments as mildly disturbing as some of them are.
    I thought your costume was rather impressive. I'm sure it took a lot of effort and time - heck any of those costumes did. And they probably have more courage than most here to even wear it out to Blizzcon.

    My gf and I were actually behind you in line for pictures on the Frozen Throne. To be honest, I felt a little bad for you - it looked like some meathead was giving you a hardtime partway through the lineup. We both laughed when he finally got the hint and left (gave us some evil looks though.) We wanted to say something afterwards but figured you had enough people poking you.

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    At Vinniel: I don't have any exact patterns, but I did take pictures along my way, showing how I made it. I plan to write up a document explaining how I designed it. I'll send you a PM when I finish.

    At chemgear: Yeah, he said he was a Blizzard employee and wanted to take me to a exclusive after party. I wasn't really interested. He was clearly intoxicated. Rofl, an instant more of trying to fondle my waist and my guildies would have jumped him. Glad you found it amusing, though, I definitely got some laughs out of it.

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