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    LMAO!! Who asked this gay ass question?
    Yeah, it was a female.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swagger View Post
    So they could have made the next legendary caster weapon a Dagger, that every caster in the game could have used, or a staff, that every caster in the game except an Elemental Shaman could use...

    And his excuse is that it's more fun for the designers to design a big weapon like a staff. Did anyone see their last legendary staff? It was a stick with a feather at the top.

    Another expansion and still no legendary for either Shaman DPS Spec.


    Shamans can use staves. ._.

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    Hunter (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
    I like the dog pet a lot (Gilnean dog pet) any plans on making it more ferocious?
    Maybe we can make them a little meaner, give them rabies or something.
    If you watched the live feed, you most likely heard someone in the audience yell out how to fix the issue brought up above.

    While the panel was thinking about an answer to the question I yelled out to them to give them Rabies...they thought about it for a split second and said hmm... we could do that...

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