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    Blizzcon 2010 - Art Panel and Cinematics Panel Pictures

    Update - I'm still working on the pictures, should be up within 20 minutes for both panel, but I just wanted to get the news post up for that.

    Blizzcon 2010 - Art Panel

    Blizzcon 2010 - Cinematics Panel

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    I also fear that its going to be a race before Deathwing shows up and starts roaring.
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    This is just sooo made for another *FLAP FLAP FLAP BOOM RAAAAAAAAAAAWR*

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    I swear to god, if this is another sindy.....

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    Haha exactly what I thought about the roar thing

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    If he's gonna roar just like Sindragosa on WotLK login screen, I'll smash my PC soundcard with sledgehammer before I have to hear it.

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    That login screen is fiiiiiiiiiiiine, totally how I pictured it aswell.

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    I like the looks of it - but my first thought on seeing it was "I wonder if he roars"

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    looks the shizzle tbh, i just dont like the screech noise, should of made him do an evil laugh instead

  11. #11 initial reaction to that loading screen was... "oh fuck..."
    I'm afraid we have a slight apocalypse on our hands

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    Looks really placeholderish to me.

    Edit: Upon seeing the actual video of the login screen I take back that comment. It's pretty damn awesome.
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    If it's silent - OMG this is AMAZINGGGGGGGGGG!

    If it roars - HELL NAWWWW

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fenz View Post
    If he's gonna roar just like Sindragosa on WotLK login screen, I'll smash my PC soundcard with sledgehammer before I have to hear it.
    its a horrid screech

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    I just want to say, that the blizzard art panel was probably the most gratifying experience. Just seeing how they make the world we love, and destroy it simultaneously, is really amazing. Props to blizzard. On a side note, I love the login screen. I think it makes more sense then the twilight hammer one.

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    Sounds a bit like glass breaking when he roars, that's just mocking us for having to listen to another dragon roar for 2 years.

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    looks good but too much dw. we get it, we're supposed to kill him.

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    if you have headphones on and volume turned up that screech will make u shit your pants for sure

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    Jezus, the screech is even screechier then Sindra's -_-

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    FFFFFFUUUUUU he's gonna let out that horrible screech, I'm cutting my ears off now in case destroying soundcard won't help.

    edit: Notice how interface shows up only after he makes that sound.
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