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    Gendered Forms Mentioned

    I've been reading over the liveblogs posted on (as many of you are doing I'm sure) and I read in one of them someone asked about having female versions of forms. The panel responded that it's something they've thought about, and that they had an image of concepts or something. I'm wondering if anyone knows what the image is/has pics?
    Personally I don't care much either way, but I'm all for more customization and I'd love to see some Druid concept art.

    And here's the quote for you:
    1:36: "Any plans for female druid forms?"

    A: Might have seen a concept yesterday for that, but difficult to balance. We would like to do it, but it's tricky. We'll do what we can.
    A:I notice you guys aren't asking for new druid forms now!

    You guys really want gendered forms? Don't really care? It'd be interesting to see a female Moonkin, assuming they retain their current look at least and aren't totally redone a la ToL.

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    I wouldn't mind a female version of Metamorphosis or tauren cat form. Others don't bother me at all, though maybe troll cat/bear forms wouldn't hurt either.

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    I have a female druid tank.. and hoenstly I would hate to have a female Bear.....

    Would just be weird

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    I always thought.. why do I have to look like a man kitty if I am female? White cat with pink hair was the closet thing I could get to a female form.

    I approve!
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    Hard to tell the difference between a male and female cat/bear/moonkin/tree etc. They would have to mainly distinguish the difference using colors and garb or something. I can def see why they haven't done it yet.
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    Can you tell the gender of a cat/bear/owl by just looking at it? No.

    It would make more sense for there to be gendered forms for treeform (It's a fantasy thing that has no reallife guideline.) and Metamorphosis.
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    tbh have you seen a male and female bear IRL? You may have before and just not noticed, cause they look pretty much exactly the fuckin same :P

    Same thing with panthers. The only form I can see needing Genderization is Horde Cat, and tbh they're not gunna implement the whole thing just for that now are they
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    I think the current druid forms are already pretty gender neutral. Sexual dimorphism isn't really as strong among the animals that the druids turn into. Female bears are just...smaller. The big cats for females may not have manes, but most of them already don't (and depending on who you ask, night elf cats already are girly ).

    So unless they decide to continue the tradition of making female = boobs and you end up with bear druids with...with really doesn't seem worth the investment of time.
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    As a female player, I hate that when I shapeshift I suddenly have sideburns and goatees. It is very obvious that when I kittyform (and now the new treeform), that I have also gender changed. The new treeform has a beard and a soul patch, for goodness' sake. I am excited to hear they are considering putting in female forms.

    It baffles me that people think the new textures are "gender neutral". They certainly are not, muttonchops are not exactly female. We're not asking for breasts, but we are asking for something that doesn't break the immersion or at least give us a booster shot of testosterone.
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    Would make some sense to have them, though it's usually difficult to tell at a glance what a real wild animal is. I suppose the counter argument there is that we AREN'T real animals, and clearly carry over some aspects of our humanoid form when we shift (ears, tusks, horns, etc.). Bearing that in mind, it begins to make more sense for the forms to show some sort of sex distinction.

    I don't think that this would be an ESSENTIAL change, and would honestly rather have, say, redone race models for all the original races than another new set of forms. However, that doesn't mean I think this would be a bad idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldHordeGlory View Post
    bear with boobs


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    This topic always makes me rage. I really hope their concept drawings are the druid forms with huge balls and boobs that sag on the floor that were made by an angry artist who is tired of things never being good enough.


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    I've never lol'd so hard in my life. Thankyou.

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    We need a male bloodelf form!

    OT: I don't se the reason for bringing in gendered forms...Can you honestly tell a female bear from a male bear?

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    As the person after the one asking that question said: "Give us more curvy moonkins with boobs!" <.<

    But to be serious, I would really want to see it gender specific forms. Taurens are more or less forced to male forms. Not sure how to make the bear forms more feminine tbh, but it's a great idea they probably could do some cool stuff with.

    On a side note, if they would make gender specific forms I would assume that they would update our models as well, and who can say no to that? ^^

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    the only form that really needs it is tauren cat form imo.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lyeranth View Post
    Why dont we just have thrall and Malfurion whip it out and someone can measure and then we can be done with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malthurius View Post
    Can you tell the gender of a cat/bear/owl by just looking at it? No.

    It would make more sense for there to be gendered forms for treeform (It's a fantasy thing that has no reallife guideline.) and Metamorphosis.
    Except when its got a mane, lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gallahadd View Post
    tbh have you seen a male and female bear IRL? You may have before and just not noticed, cause they look pretty much exactly the fuckin same :P
    real life bear dont look the same as our bear & cat anyway

    since it is a fantasie game they could chance facail explersions. likem ale^& female worgens. they look the same in real life aswel

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    I would like to have gendered forms.

    If you think more like lions for the cat form, so males do look different. When they first show'd the new cat forms I always thought the cow one looked males and the nelf one female.

    For bears you can simply make the female one not have sideburns, they've been bugging me for ages!!!

    On a massive plus, it'll stop my damn DBW from spamming me about renaming my titles XD

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    Are you saying you're able to look at a bear in nature and point out whether it's a male or female, from traits other than it's genitals?

    I understand with the Horde Cat form as it's possible to tell the diffirence between male and female lions rather easiler. It's not the same with panthers (Night elves) however. Cheetahs and sealions aswell. The males may be bigger but that's not a new model we're talking there.

    Moonkins can be like lions, but they may aswell not have many diffirences between female and male species.

    And well.. The only gender-change they could make to a tree, is flowers. <.<

    I'd rather just see some more new models in general.
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