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    Im looking forward to Star wars the old republic honestly . Im in the cata beta now and it's just more of the same which is fine for 98% of the players but I just been playing wow for to long it would seem :-)

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    Lego is CHILDISH!!!! I'm going to go play runescape and have some milk n cookies!!!

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    There hasn't been any new or upcoming mmos that have caught my attention imo, I had hope for star trek but yeah we all heard what happened there. I suppose WOW just has the Lore behind it. I'm not a SW fan so i'm not interested in that.

    Looks to me that blizzards new mmo is probably going to be the only thing to get me away from wow.

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    looks great, no kidding! lego were my favorite toys as a kid

    as for cata, well i wouldnt say it sucks, but like with all WoW expansions,
    i'll play 2 maybe 3 months of battlegrounds, then go back to WAR =P

    i'll check out GW2 tho,
    and dark millenium! amagad!

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    I'm still praying this game ends out as awesome as it looks.

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    I'm gonna go play that pokemon MMO. Who's with me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kakka5 View Post
    I'm gonna go play that pokemon MMO. Who's with me?
    I iz. pokemon pvp and pve ftw.
    Frostwolf clan is best clan!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grem View Post
    Lego universe looks cool, but its too kid friendly. I'd rather play Minecraft.
    I've lost so many hours of my life to Minecraft.

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