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    Beta Videos: Cho'gall

    Forlorn Legacy

    Our raid comp:

    1 Tanks - DK
    2 Healers - Resto Druid / Resto Shaman
    7 DPS - Hunter / Ret / Magex2 / Lock / Boomkin / Feral

    Wish we had enough beta keys to fill a 25m

    Irae AoD

    After some hours of 25man testing (and some fun with Valanoth - Blizzard GM making fun of us) and an 8% wipe, we tryed 10man version of the Cho'gal fight. Sadly we downed him in our first try, which approves my impression 10man seems to be lot easier than 25.
    We'll release our video of the fight tomorrow in our Raid Preview Section
    We got one T11 Token, Caster Ring and a Leather Melee Helm.

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    This was our best attempt hopefully down it today

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