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    Beta Videos: Omnitron Defense System (HM included)

    Heroic OTDS:
    Forlorn Legacy (Tank PoV + Vent)

    Forlorn Legacy (Healer PoV)

    Normal OTDS
    Irae AoD


    Enjoy. Sucks we got it to 5% and Blizzard had to stop the testing >.<

    From a tankadin POV the fight was very hectic. The tank damage was very moderate. Nothing crazy. What was pretty insane was the raid dmg going out when certain Trons were active. For instance if the Aracnitron or the Electron were out at the same time it was a lot of damage going out. Disc priest and Resto Druid seemed like the best combination for this encounter. A good third healer would have been a Resto Shaman for the AOE heals. Something I remembered:

    - the buff the adds receive after Barrier are purgeable and spell stealable.
    - The aoe on ground from arcane boss is similar to the rune of power from Ulduar just move the boss stand in it and you can also use it for other trons.

    Phoenix vs Omnitron Defense System


    Choose 1080p at least, Full screen perferred

    Resto shammy pov.

    Just a video I quickly threw together from yesterdays beta test. I left mostly vent audio so people could get a sense of how the fight works. There is some crappy techno music in the background cuz there was alot of lulls in communication.

    Overall impressions: Really fun fight, maybe a little undertuned but for the gear we had it seemed at least a little challenging. Mostly move out of the bad stuff type deal. Healers had to rotate mana cooldowns so at least healing isnt going to be the faceroll it was in wrath since this was a normal mode.

    This is my first attempt at True 1080p HD quality using Xav from Premonition's video guide (thx btw) and I think it looks decent.

    Best view @ 1080p HD and Full screen.

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    This is a very fun encounter in Blackwing Descent. The fight consists of 4 Golems their names being Arcanotron, Toxitron, Magmatron, and Electron. You fight a max of 2 Golems at a time, and they alternate activations every 100 seconds roughly. They have 32 million hp on 10 man and 97 million hp on 25 man. There is no known enrage timer at the moment.

    Electron has a chain lightning, so spread out. When he reaches 50% energy, he generates a shield that does 45k damage to you if you hit it and splashes damage. He also puts up a debuff similar to Nature's fury from the Freya encounter, so stay away from people.

    Toxitron spawns a poison cloud that increases the damage taken by 50%. It affects the boss as well, so put him in it for extra damage. Twice during his activation, he will channel a spell that spawns 3-4 Poison bombs. If these hit somebody, they will most likely instantly die, so ranged need to burst them down quickly. At 50% energy, he puts up a shield that stacks a dot on you, but also increases the burst you do to the boss.

    Magmatron has an aoe that he uses quite regularly, which deals roughly 30-32k damage to everyone in the raid. It can not be interrupted. He will also cast Acquiring target on somebody, and when the channel finishes, does a huge amount of fire damage to that person and anyone within the cone of this attack. Face him away if you get targetted, and pop cds if you can. It deals over 100k damage over 4 seconds. At 50% energy, he puts up a shield that absorbs 300k damage and if it is destroyed, it deals 75k damage to everybody. Do not hit him under any circumstances while this is active.

    Arcanotron is perhaps the least dangerous of the golem constructs. He uses an arcane barrage type ability, that can be interrupted. He will also put down a rune on the ground that increases the damage you deal by 50% and also regenerates mana. Move him out of it, and stack your raid into it everytime it is up. At 50% energy, he will put up a shield that when he takes damage, will stack a buff that increases his damage by 10%. It is easily spellstealable or purgeable, so make sure to spellsteal and purge it off quickly, as he can do quite a lot of damage if it's not removed.

    The basic idea behind this fight is that you need to carefully manage each golem and realize that 2 of them are defensive, while the other 2 are offensive when it comes to how much dps you can do at any given time. Once you figure out the basic mechanics of each golem, it becomes quite easy. However, bear this in mind. While the way they activate always goes from right to left, the order in which they are arranged changes week to week.

    The most brutal combination to have up at any given time is Arcanotron and Magmatron due to the high gib factor involved with an acquire target + arcane barrage happening in unison. It's a good fight otherwise.

    Will edit in abilites, enrage timers, and other various things as they happen since after all, this is beta.

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    Forlorn Legacy vs Tron Council Heroic (10man)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfZiEzvA7UY <-- Riggnaros - Blood DK POV (music)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqUtVQ0lvM0 <-- Aurelius - Holy Pally POV (no music, intermittent vent)

    Amazingly fun fight.

    Super well tuned on heroic mode. Extremely unforgiving and complex in design. I really hope they keep the fight as close to this version as possible. Some tweaks to certain combos would be nice, but its killable without it. The amount of execution required at all times its awesome. There is still room for error, but it is very small. As you can see, there are still some sloppy points during the vid, but we were able to overcome.

    I really like the direction they are going with Cata and hope they are able to keep it there without giving in to the masses of casuals that will cry for heroic content exposure. If this fight is any indication of the remaining heroics as a collective whole, its where it needs to be.

    Keep normal modes for the casuals and heroic modes for the hardcores.

    Raid Comp:

    2 Tanks - Death Knight / Feral Druid
    3 Healers - Resto Druid / Holy Paladin / Resto Shaman
    5 DPS - Surv Hunter / Arms Warrior / Shadow Priest / Moonkin / Muti Rogue

    Thanks for watching!


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    Seems like a cool fight to me. Good job, keep it coming.
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    hopeless PoV. bad movie.. nice kill i guess

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    lol, sorry for the tank POV. I added our holy pally's pov, but it has intermittent vent and no music.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rigginsbear View Post
    lol, sorry for the tank POV. I added our holy pally's pov, but it has intermittent vent and no music.
    What I do in that case is that I mute video and put own music. :P
    What do rogues and noobs have in common?

    -They both pick locks

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    Hey, can you atleast put my vid in that thread as well? Right now its just the holy pally POV, Thanks.

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    That arcane golem looks like the worst one by far. Didn't they say there wouldn't be burst damage like that? His arcane bolts were hitting for 75% of peoples' health.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dd614 View Post
    That arcane golem looks like the worst one by far. Didn't they say there wouldn't be burst damage like that? His arcane bolts were hitting for 75% of peoples' health.
    They're supposed to be interrupted, any that went through were mistakes.
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