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    Groningen, the Netherlands
    Happybucket, it means a bucket that is happy.

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    Reorx, Dwarven god from the Dragonlance series.
    We are WARRIORS man! If we can't make it bleed, we will sure as hell dent the f%^ck out of it!

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    'Points at sig'

    Yeah I had a lot of Lolz like 'Lol ure name is like that guy from mauradon/beastie from dustswallow/zone in Wpl LOL'

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    in a dark cave in sweden
    was öäåöäå from the very begining...then psykko..went horde..named back to Psykko...fits my personality

    Tardness floats around me

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    Maldir Because it sounds like a pala name.

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    I read a few weeks before i started with wow a inet-site about nerdy intelligence reports from the GDI about Kane from NOD.
    And there were some alias that Kane was kwnown as mentioned including Qwayne. So when i created back then my Paladin (formerly a male B11) the best name i could think of was Qwayne

    Delivering Justice Since 2008 - retired since April 2011

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    Back in classic my Warlock was (well, still is) Dorgol, my warrior was Uldor. I wanted to keep the "dor" sound for my Paladin, but also liked the name "Iralien". Ultimately I came up with Doralen and went through all of TBC with that name.

    Early in WotLK another pally joined our guild named Dorlenwho had a Warlock alt named Dolgr and we were constantly getting confused for each other (especially on vent).

    So I decided to just go with the name I liked originally, so I'm now known as Iralien (also went ahead and changed from male Draenei to female, great choice from an animation standpoint).

    The name looks semi-RP, while still has the little in-joke of "I R Alien" for the Draenei race. I pronounce it like "italian" with an 'r'.

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    <<<<< Teh B stand for Boom.

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    See signature.

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    Arlynius; it makes me so happy that I'm the only result that comes up when I Wowarmory that name

    Arlynius, the One and Only

    PUGs mock me cause I tank with Thunderfury, I mock them cause I'm higher on damage done :P

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    My paladins name was Chosen before I transfer from Xavius then I named it Luthius cause obviously Chosen was already taken.

    Made by myself while I'm bored..

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    Yautja - well known as Predators - are a hunting race from the furthest reaches of the universe.

    From the movie Predator!
    Who do you think you are... running around leaving scars!

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    Braydenriley-for the coolest guy in the world
    Xun naut treemma l'olath, treemma nindel vel'bolen wayc'er wun l'olath

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    < Rocketskates. You know, like roller skates. With rockets.

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    holynovus (bloodelf) and platedpriest (human)
    Quote Originally Posted by adam86shadow View Post
    I hear people say bring War back to World of Warcraft, well how about bringing World back to World of Warcraft

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