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    Laserbeamjoe: Goes back many many year when I played Diablo 2 alot. The name popped into my head after many hours of brainstorming, and then when I started to play WoW in the start of Vanilla I just had to carry out the same name to my first character. I then rerolled horde druid (Bigbadjoe), but then created a Belf pala with the same name as my alliance one, so Laserbeamjoe has been my main nearly always and will be untill I stop playing.

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    Tool, ill let you guess the spec and race
    Nostalgia isn't what it used to be.

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    my pallys name is Archeaus, hes prot
    Tell my why i have to be a power slave!

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    Lightdealer here
    the best part is that i have a Mage called Lightsmage xD

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    Courynn. This is just one of many incarnations of this character. In addition to Azeroth, he's travelled the lands of Faerun, Tamriel, and Middle Earth, to name a few. Picked the name out of the Forgotten Realms campaign sourcebook.
    And then Buffy staked Edward. The End.

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    Female Belf named Deathbycooki. Formerly a male Dwarf name Sprinklez
    Quote Originally Posted by holyforce View Post
    remember jiffy pop? Todays pop corn is ez mode for casuals :P

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    Where you're not.

    Human Paladin. Was my first character, so I twisted the random name generator's suggestion around to make it heroic-sounding.
    Warrior, Paladin, Shaman, Rogue, Priest, Death Knight, Warlock 80s on Dragonmaw, Thunderhorn, and Maelstrom.

    Deathknights are just warriors who have lost their warrior beard. You can be a badass, but just know you weren't badass enough to keep your warrior beard so the beard killed you and forces you to wander the earth without it. (Revised and quoted from warcrimes)

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    Crownless, blood elf
    And I love wearing the T6 helm ^^

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    I still really like my paladins name, dispite it being the only char I have with a meme-based name rather than something RP-ish...

    And the name? Leeroyetta

    Oddly, nobody's commented on it yet...

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    My pally Alt was once named Assholiness. Guess how long that lasted.. :x
    Quote Originally Posted by Ulqiorra View Post
    If you equate playing WoW to having electricity, I feel very, very happy for the rest of the world, as that kind of thinking will, inevitably, lead to the eradication of your seed from the gene pool.
    WoW Toons: Duskwind/Dæmion/Kaiserfist/Abaddusk
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    Malakath is my current ret paladin, and when cataclysm falls or 4.03 drops... Holysteak will come to life.... Tauren paladin
    The sims lies, don't trust them....

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    Tasgall. Anyone that can tell me what its from gets a cookie.

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    Aloness the Blood Elf Holy Paladin.
    Thrall: AND I need your calm mind keeping some amount of peace between Horde and Alliance, in case--
    Garrosh: Get away from me, you dwarf runt! Do I look like a questgiver to you?
    Thrall: Well, something like that, for example.
    Garrosh: You want a quest? How about a fetch quest? Go fetch my axe! (distant yelp) It's over there, stuck in your flight master.

    Fan Game: Warcraft - Deathwing's Assault

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    Well, mine has been called:
    Predantus (human male)
    Ecstatic (when faction changed to belf)
    Vanyel (back to human male - current)

    I seriously though, do not like the concept of X (class) names.
    All names should be original and it's better for a character you spend much time with to have a name you like being called by ingame people ^^
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    Formerly Saladin (Human)

    Mehlarsunaxe(Male Belf).

    What's can i say, im a sucker for lolLore.
    Great Uther's ghost, it's chasing after us! Squire, do something! Throw rocks at it! I have no plan!

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