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    Swampmoose. In German, it means a whale's vagina. Ok ok, that's not what it means. I was trying to impress you. I don't know what it means. I'll be honest, I don't think anyone knows what it means anymore. Scholars maintain that the translation was lost hundreds of years ago.

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    Stop getting horny goo, judge on cd.

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    Since my paladin has been my main ever since Vanilla WoW in Europe started, it makes sense that my account name here on MMO is the same as my main.

    I got the name from the warhammer Gotrek and Felix books

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    Karnadas-- my best friend said that was the name of a holy warrior in this book he was reading.

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    My name is Juicy, the juicy Paladin. Tendering the game for that juicy flavor.

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    Charadon - Draenei male.
    Queldorei - Blood Elf male.
    (^ It means High Elf).

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    Kronmasta - If you dont see the reference I cant help you!

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    my Dranaei paladin: Lightbastion. pretty awesome huh?

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    Ré, I wanted Ra but someone on my server already had it.Ré is a alternatively way of spelling Ra. Ra is a god in Egyptian pantheon,he was a morning sun god(with atum being evening sun).
    Time...line? Time isn't made out of lines. It is made out of circles. That is why clocks are round. ~ Caboose

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    McBlue the Astral Walker
    Dwarf Paladain

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    Mine pally's name is Krzhemelik (in russian it is Кржемелек), it was called after czech cartoon character, dunno even why... I guess coz it hilarious a bit))

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    Best paladin name ever: Muleadin!

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    Popit the Retribution Cow

    My original human paladin was Pallyranger.

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    any of the knights of the round will work.

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    Tauren Paladin named Dawnrunner, Used to be a blood elf paladin named Belathier

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    It's a derivative of my main's name. Raerin

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    My pally isn't a very high level (I just got bored with it) I think it's only level 26 but her name is Xannla and she's a BE.

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    Shockkadin- because that was the original intention.

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    Omid. My IRL name.
    Jamshield - Silvermoon EU

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    Amduscia, been that way for about three years now.
    WoW only has 10 million subscribers it must be dying! WoW sucks!
    I'm sorry no, clearly you didn't see Chuck Norris allowed 10 million to survive his Purge.

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    My brother named mine. Leonandro

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