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    Lyana, just like NPC's name in Howling Fjord :P But made it in TBC, otherwise couldn't do paladin with same name than NPC has.

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    Pyremane - Tauren paladin
    Frostwolf clan is best clan!
    Orc Shaman <3 - Pandaren Monk - Orc Warlock - Pandaren Warrior - Orc Hunter - Blood Elf Demon Hunter
    I want to roll a druid... still thinking about it since feral is 4 fite

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    Slumz is my pally name

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    Centego - Blodsail Admiral Centego took it cuse it sounded good i think and it was uniqt at that time ( this chars name has ben changed 2 times all times to a uniq name name Palaprut ( Dwarf paladin ) 2.nd name Ziam ( Still Dwarf paladin) 3.rd name Centego(Blood elf paladin )
    (Sorry about my bad Gramma hope you all can read it)

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    Human Paladin - Maetrel - Means "The hammer" is some language, i dont remember what one.
    "We are but simple mortals. We don’t have magical cosmic powers than can alter the fabric of the universe. We just have our equipment, the strength to carry it and the skill to use it."
    ::Grundy - Protection Warrior::

    Knowledge is power, power corrupts. By this philosophy, school is bad.

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    It fits well with my main's name.

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    Beefgravy. No idea why.

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    Lunia, wanted to have yuna, or luna... So I mixed things up :P

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    My tauren paladin is Meatloaf
    Quote Originally Posted by Danund81
    Just SAY IT.* "I'm right you're wrong and I know it because I have the power of a website's link."

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    Rásia explaining its reasoning and meaning behind it is a bit tmi.

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    Madoric or Medoric. Something like that. Randomizer picked it out.

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    [QUOTE=Malygos The Spellweaver;9223018]Rathalos.

    its from monster hunter!

    OT: goldenwryn

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    Vask. Seemed like a fitting Azeroth-human name that was heroic. I don't in-game roleplay, but come names I don't do "Roflstomperrr."

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    Valyrian, it's from a book.

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    My Paladins name is Rized

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    Omgapally. Because the day I was creating the toon I was thinking, OMG I am making A PALLY! LOL

    Two other good ones I have is my Hunters name is Hardley, Cause I "hardly" thought I would play it much. And the other is my Druid whose name is Wavy. Only because I was eating a bag of wavy lays potato chips when making this toon. lol

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    Jazeel, it means strength of god.

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